Thursday, February 11, 2016

FICLET: Dithering Dalliances

Huh shared this beautiful piece with us.

Dithering Dalliances

D dithers and dallys after she had finished writing her story. She considers and reconsiders. She reviews each sentence. Yet, her finger lingers over her send button. She follows this with a steady ritual of worry and wonder. 'Will they like it? Will they respond?' These stories are not quite what she had imagined them to be. They don't seem quite as good as she had hoped. So she continues in her toils.

This time, her finger hovers just long enough that she finds herself enveloped by warm comforting arms. Fingers cover hers in question. She nods her assent. Together they click send while her top kisses her neck quietly and assertively. Releasing her neck, she whispers into her ear, "Now that wasn't so bad was it?". Swallowing a groaned laugh, she replies "No ma'am. Much easier with you here. You do know that I'm only saying that because you swat any of my other responses away? I charge your hard hand with several counts of coercion."

A raised eyebrow questions these not quite joking words. "I'm glad to see your prior training stays with you youngling."

"You trained me so thoroughly that I couldn't forget. You persisted and insisted. Words and hands and corners and even more words combined with a cane or strap all persuaded me to remember that: 'I, my perspective, my voice, and my words are all worthwhile. I will always have at least an audience of one. You love me and my writing.'. Thank you for persisting and staying with me."

"Sweetie, it was my pleasure and honor to accompany a brave warrior such as yourself on this journey. Do you feel coerced or forced by my hands?"

"I don't like being spanked. I don't feel coerced or forced. I promise. I just don't like giving in or up to you in this. It's hard not to worry. It's hard to want to be a good writer and not always know how. It's hard letting you take care of me. I prefer to be strong and independent and a conqueror. I don't like that I still worry and want and desire. I don't like the uncertainty of not knowing, of never quite being sure of finding success. Thank you for helping me learn new ways."

"You're very welcome Sweetheart. Thank you for remembering your lessons so well."

"You're welcome. Doesn't posting earn me a reward? I want a reward. I might cry if I don't get a reward....."

The End?


  1. This is a beautiful little story. So much love and care. I like that it is F/F. I can feel the tenderness of this moment in time.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed this piece!

    2. Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed this piece!