Sunday, April 10, 2016

FIC: Brown Paper Package

This article: led to the story prompt: A brat draped over their tops knees saying, "Would you like to explain why ..."

Missty decided to write this fun little piece!

Title: Brown Paper Packages
Characters: Mitch/Dennis
Author: Missty

Dennis lay draped over Mitch's knees wondering how he was going to defend this mess. His Tops last words ringing in his ears, "Would you like to explain why the bomb squad ended up called to deal with a mysterious package on your desk?" Dennis took a deep breath, released it on a sigh and then began his tale.

It had all started mostly innocently a couple of weeks ago when Dennis was doing some online shopping. He got a great idea for a birthday present for Mitch. He didn't want the gift sent to the house, wanted it to be a surprise so he opted to have it sent to work. It had arrived that morning and Dennis decided to discreetly check it out to make sure everything was working. He had just turned it on when he was startled by his phone ringing. He was needed in another office to answer some questions about a joint project with another department. He quickly taped the box back up and stood to head out when he realized the remote was still on the desk so he slid it into his pocket. While discussing an issue with a proposed regulation he began to fiddle with the remote causing the on button to stick. 

Meanwhile the young man who delivered the inter office mail went into Dennis's office to drop off an envelope and was startled to hear a buzzing sound issuing from a box on the desk. To the high strung man's ears the buzzing sounded a lot like the ticking down of a bomb clock so he quickly ran to the office manager to voice his concerns. Given it was a government building any strange mail was taken very seriously so the alarms were sounded and the bomb squad called in. Dennis exited the building with his coworkers, none the wiser what had prompted the evacuation until much later. After the bomb squad had identified the source of the noise issuing from the package Dennis had been called into his manager's office to explain. The bomb squad lead shaking his head in amusement having decided no one was guilty of any wrong doing shoved the box into Dennis's hands while saying," I hope your boyfriend likes his gift." His manager however had taken a dimmer view of that particular gift being delivered to a work place and proceeded to rake Dennis over the coals before calling his friend Mitch to let him know the chaos Dennis was responsible for that day. 

Several minutes later Dennis sat cuddled on Mitch's lap sniffing and wiping away tears completely convinced having sex toys delivered to the office was a BAD idea. 


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