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FIC: Swimming Hole by Jo and Carrol

Jo and Carrol teamed up again to bring us another story with Jack and Jay!

Swimming Hole.
Jo and Carrol.

Warning – strap.

Jay looked over the edge of the cliff, into the fast-moving water, the waves were crashing against the rocks; several people had jumped into the water and made it out safely. He swallowed hard and stepped back away from the edge when his foot slipped, sending the loose earth, into the water below.

“Dude you going?” some guy asked Jay shook his head and the guy did a running leap into the water below. He looked around, most were younger than him, some maybe his age but they too were just watching the younger ones jump and swim for their lives. One by one they climbed out onto the rocks, and the others would help those who couldn’t get out up.

He made up his mind he went to take off his shirt and drop it on a pile of clothes when he saw something on the ground, curled up like a big snake was someone’s wide leather belt, Jack’s warning came to mind "I promise you I will use a strap on you if you even go and look at that pool."

Shaking his head he pulled his shirt back on and turned away from the crowd, and went back to his friend’s beach house, ate lunch and picked up the carrier.

“You sure Jack is ok with it,” DJ asked.

“If not I’ll bring her back,” Jay told her giving her a one arm hug, and headed to his car, The drive back home was long. He looked at the Cornish Rex/ Siamese kitten with a deformed paw in the cage, "Well Mishi, I hope Jack doesn't mind," Jay told her, as he touched the soft nose, through the door,

Meanwhile on the afternoon news

“A new craze has come to Vancouver Beach people are taking the death challenge leap,” The news reporter went on how the new swimming hole was formed after the last storm hit the beach. The side of an old seaside mountain had come tumbling down after a severe storm hit, it a few months back little by little the ocean water had washed away the fallen earth making the new dangerous swimming hole

The camera showed all the people young and old men and women standing looked at the depth of it and taking their chance of jumping in one lone man stood and watched as the camera zoomed in on him.

“People from all over Canada have come to join the dangerous jump,” The news person said as Jack’s logo appeared on the screen, As the news person spoke the beach patrol came and chased those who were watching away and waited for those in the water to climb back up, soon it showed the new area closed for business.

Jack stretched and winced when he heard his back crack. He took a deep breath, and as he exhaled consciously made his muscles relax. Rusty scampered over and whined at his master. Jack crouched down, picked him up and sat down on the couch. “You missing him as well?” he asked the wriggling young dog. “I’m not sure he wants to see me. Not after Freddie informed Owen that Jay had decided to visit that Death Challenge Leap. I didn’t catch him red-handed, but unless he’s got a really good reason for his actions he’ll have red buns by the time I’ve finished.” Rusty just softly growled and then yapped as if agreement. Jay often accused Rusty of being a Top in dog’s clothing, but he still had no problem in accepting his dog’s comfort after a spanking.

Jack heard a car pull up, and Rusty starting barking and running for the door. Jack’s brows creased as he saw Rusty go even more ballistic as Jay came closer to the door, “What now?” he wondered, and braced himself as the door opened.

Jay took a deep breath and opened the door he caught Rusty with the empty hand as the dog jumped up to greet him

“Easy boy you’ll scare her to death,” Jay told the pup as he put down the carrier by the door, He put the pup into the caged area and went to his husband laying down on him; he snuggled close and gave him an I’m home kiss. "Miss you so much," he told his husband.

Jack was always happy to kiss Jay, so he held the younger man close and really demonstrated how much he’d missed his husband. Actually, they’d only parted that morning but after visiting the swimming hole Jack’s imagination had been going wild.

After coming up for a breath he looked into Jay’s eyes “You are in so much trouble,” he remarked softly.

“I know, I didn’t jump I promise, I wanted to, ” Jay told him holding self up on his hands one on each side of Jack’s head so he could see his Sweet’s face better. “I remembered what you said and that I can’t swim well,” he told him with a crooked smile.

“I know,” Jack replied his voice a little sad, “But I promised I’d strap you even if you only went to look. And you went and looked. The fact you didn’t jump just shows the work we’ve done in the past on your daredevil ways has sunk in. Unfortunately, that just proves that cracking down on that aspect works well. Putting your life in danger is always a strapping offense, even if you didn’t follow through. I’ve almost lost you once Jay I couldn’t handle it again.” Jack’s voice broke.

Jay dropped his head, he didn’t mean to upset Jack nor make him cry, he held him the best he could, buried his face into his neck. “I’m sorry; I just wanted to see what the hype was.” Jay told him softly, “Please don’t” He knew it would do no good, he also knew he should just man up and go get it, to get it over with but that as one thing he hated touching, Hell he even hated opening the door of the closet where it lived.

Jack was very aware of Jay’s reluctance to fetching the strap. He was merciful as he went and retrieved it., “Pants down, and over the sofa arm,” Jack ordered. It was the only punishment he ever handed out where Jay didn’t go over his lap. “Stick that butt of yours higher,” he ordered sharply once Jay had obeyed the first order.

Jay swallowed hard to fight the tear that came when Jack headed for the closet he lot out a soft sob when he saw the damn strap. He was fighting back more sobs as he stepped out of his pants, and laid over the arm of the sofa. He raised his ass up higher on shaking legs. He grabbed his pillow to bite on, instead of his lip, and then he wrapped his arms around his head to keep them from flying back. He knew his Sweets would not hit his hands, but he didn’t’ want the thighs smacked either. “I’m sorry, “a shaking voice filled the room,

Jack hated this. He really did. However, he had given plenty of warnings and if it took the strap to make Jay think twice then he’d use it. He had no intention of hitting Jay’s thighs, but he was going to make sure Jay didn’t sit comfortably for a good while. The first stroke landed across the middle of the white butt leaving a weal. The second one was lower not overlapping the first, the third above the first stroke and so on. Then the sixth landed on the fabled sit spot. The next three landed on exactly the same spot. Jack was listening carefully, but he had to harden his heart to the wails Jay was making. He made sure the entire bottom was glowing a bright red, and Jay was totally defeated and then with one last stroke into that most sensitive area he stopped. “All done,” he said his voice none too steady.

Jay didn’t try to man up when the first stroke hit he screamed, and they got louder by he didn’t plead or beg for it to stop he knew it would do no good. He did his best not to move about. By the time the punishment was over he was hoarse, his throat was sore, his nose was plugged. He was having a hard time breathing, and he was trying not to throw up, It took him a few seconds to register “All done,” he slid to the floor making sure his ass didn’t hit the hardwood. The room was filled with sobs, barks and aloud meows Jay’s body shook with each sob.

Jack’s went to pick Jay up but as his ears registered all the noise his head snapped around to glance at the front door. He saw Rusty barking and pawing at an animal carrier, and the loud meows coming from it were a clue as to what it was carting. ‘Rusty sit,” Jack’s voice carried easily to the young dog who obeyed the command. At the back of his mind, he wondered how Rusty got out of his enclosure. He sometimes ignored Jay’s commands but never Jack’s. Jack retrieved the carrier and made sure the little kitten inside received some water and quiet made his way back to the sofa. He leaned down and gently lifted his young lover’s head. Looking into the red-rimmed eyes he asked gently “Want to tell me about the kitten?”

Jay blinked a few times to get his eyes focused, took a quivery breath, “Her name is Mishi, DJ brother breeds them for a show, and sale. She's got a deformed foot, so he going to put her to sleep. DJ took her but she was not able to keep her, so I said I’d take her.,” he told his husband “If we can’t keep her I told her I’d bring her back, “I’m sorry,” he whispered rubbing his eyes to get the tears to stop.

Jack dropped a kiss on Jay’s forehead. “It’s okay with me,” he said gently “It might put Rusty’s nose out of joint a bit.” The young dog heard his name and judged it was okay to come over, and nose Jay asking for a pat.

Jay gently patted the pup’s head, “Are we ok, though” he asked softly, still petting the pup’s head, He just looked at the dog, he didn’t want to see a disappointed look if there was one, He stopped Rusty from licking his face. His breathing was almost normal, but he hiccupped now and then, with each ragged breath.

“We’re better than okay,” Jack said firmly with some heat. “You paid the penalty and it’s all forgiven, if not forgotten.” He joined Jay on the floor pushed Rusty aside gently. Pulled Jay into his lap, making sure the sore bottom didn’t touch anything but aid and claimed his husband’s lips. He let Jay determine the depth and length of the kiss.

The kiss lasted a good few minutes Jay pushed Jack against the side of the sofa and got on his knees, then broke the kiss, he took a breath and pressed his forehead against Jack’s. “Can we go lay down please my ass is killing me,” he asked with a smile,

Jack’s first thought was about the kitten but he figured it would be fine and safe in the carrier. He sent Rusty to his basket with a quick hand signal then pushed up “Lead the way.” He replied to Jay, “but if you want anything beyond lying down you’re dead out of luck. You’re way too sore to enjoy anything energetic.”

“No just snuggle for a few hours, and then dinner ‘cause I'm starving.”

Jack smiled and went over and joined Jay on their bed. He pulled his husband on top of him making sure he didn’t touch the sore butt. It was not long before Jay fell asleep exhausted by the day. Jack after wriggling out from under him followed him into dreamland.

The End.

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New Chapter from JL

I've gotten a bit behind in posting on the guest blog! I'll try to catch up in the coming weeks.  But to begin with JL posted a new chapter in her FairyLand series!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Distractions by Huh

Thinking of Zillah and Dizzy and the Den. Hope you're all doing well. Thank you all for supporting me.

By HuhChuH

"They come again and again. Circling, vulturing, venturing into me."

I break into bits too readily,
allowing it,
almost eagerly,
forgetting who I am,
willing to undo me, my work.

I build myself. They break me apart.

I ache remembering.

Their golden halo extends just beyond my reach. Not good enough again. Broken. Dismissed. Different.

Again I forget who I am,
accepting blame as the wrong one,
saving the situation,
scapegoating all too easily.
Was there another option?
Communicate? Saying what? How? Why?

Slowly, I remember to breathe and feel.
Bit by bit I remember me.

Smiling, I breathe fully freely happily.


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Monday, April 16, 2018

FIC The Fright of a Master by Carrol

I had posted on the Den my excitement that there is going to be a new Jurrasic Park movie. This sparked Carrol into writing this story!

All mistakes are mine Thanks Dizzy for your help with the booboo's

Title: The Fright of a Master
Characters: Matt/Cody
Series: Master and Slave series

My boi was a nut about The Walking Dead show as well as Fear the Walking Dead. Normally I make sure he is in bed by nine however on Sundays I let him watch his two shows while I do a little catch up on work. I may be a master but I don’t like horror movies or zombie shows. They are too gross. I'm not into gore. I was in the middle of a purchase order when I heard a high pitch scream.


I took off in a panic out the office door to find Cody inches away from the flat screen. All I saw was a T-rex on the screen,

“What the hell boi?” I demanded with my hand on my chest, He looked up at me with excitement in his eyes.

“There’s a new Jurassic Park movie coming out! I’ve got to see it please,” He told me as he bounced up and down.

“You gave me a heart attack over a movie” I scolded. “I should spank you.” I snapped.

He looked at me and blinked. He closed his eyes and looked down at his knees

'Oh hell,' It makes my heart hurt when he does that. He looks so...not sure how to put it...ashamed of himself when he looks that way.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He told me. “But I’ve got to see it."

“When does it come out?” I asked him.

“June this year,” He told me.

I closed my eyes, grumbled "spoiled brat", and walked back into the office,

“Does that mean I get to see it?” He asked.

I knew he was he was on bouncing on the sofa, looking out the door.

"Do you sit on furniture like that?" I barked.

"No sir, sorry sir," He told me. "But can I?" He asked.

“I'll. See,” I told him.

“Thank you, sir,” He said and I heard him say, "Yes". I knew he pumped his hand in the air and bounced on the sofa like he was five instead of his age.

I sat down at my desk and said, "Settle down or go to bed."

I found the ticket place I use to purchase tickets. I looked up when the movie was going to show. Preordering tickets are cheaper that way, I knew he’d go but I wanted someone else to go with him, so I bought two. Lee may go with him even though I dislike that guy and he knew it. My pop loved that kind of shit so I am pretty sure if I asked he would go with Cody. Andy and I took after dad on that side. He could not stand that kind of stuff either. I knew Vinnie liked that kind of stuff also. I thought for a moment and then hit click.

I tap the buy button and in seconds my phone beeped. I got the notice that three tickets were purchased on my Visa card. I knew the three would love to watch it together. I close the phone and sat back and listened to my boi gasp and yell "oh hell! No, run stupid run! Don't go in there! They are going to eat you". God, I loved him so much.


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New Stories!!

A few authors on the Den have posted new stories on their blogs!

JL has written Chapter 10 of her Fairy Land series!  It's a fun, fantasy read that is truly wonderful!

A prompt on the group inspired Zillah's story The Insomnia Fix.  A great scene between Quint and Theo!

Alex and Julien have the tables turned on them in Little Fantasies: Turning the Kink Table.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Meaning of a Forehead Kiss by Carrol

Another picture sparked Carrol to write her Matt and Cody in this cute snippet!

Meaning of a Forehead Kiss.

“Why do you always Kiss my forehead before you leave the house?” Kyle asked me one day before we headed to work.

“Cause it says a lot," I told him.

“Really?” He said.

“Yes," I stopped and kissed his forehead again.

“What does it say? In case I am not reading it right,” He asked with a smile.

“It means," I said with another kiss. “A forehead (Kiss) means protection. (Kiss) It’s Respect. It says “You’re mine, (Kiss) and don’t ever leave my side”. It says (Kiss) “I care about you and I don’t want you to get hurt” “(Kiss). It says “I’ll come between you and whatever tried to hurt you”. It says (Kiss) “I love you and you’re my baby”. I told him.

He let out a heavy sigh and laid his head on my chest,

“Nope. I read it right.” He said with a smile he then reached up and kissed my forehead.

“Does it mean the same for a brat as it does a top?” He asked looking at me.

“Yeah it does but so much more," I told him.

“How?” He asked.

“It shows that you trust me to do all those things." We kissed again. “Come on or we"ll both be late for work,” I said and pushed him toward the door with a sharp swat to his slacks.


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