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Challenge Response FIC: Fishing with Cricket (Never Again)

Tarabeth issued a Fishing Challenge on The Tea Room.   This is Carrol's response!

Title: Fishing with Cricket (Never Again)
Characters: Les/Elan

“Hey, you guys want to go fishing with us?” Bob asked out of the blue,

“Yeah,” Élan said

“No,” Les told him.

“Why not? You love fishing,” Bob told him.  It wasn't like Les to not want to go fishing.

Élan looked down at his feet, a blush leaped his to his cheeks,

“Should I tell them?” Les asked.

Élan shrugged his shoulders.

“It was the first summer we were together as a couple not yet married,” Les started.


Les just looked at his lover and then shook his head. He waded out into the lake to retrieve the pole yet again.  Picking it up out of the shallow end part of the water he walked back to the shore line.

“Ok Cricket one more time,” Les said and fixed the pole to get cast again, “You grip it here, sling it back like this and let it fly but hold onto the end,” Les told him.

“You cast it for me,” Cricket told him.

“Part of the fun in fishing is seeing how far you can cast,” Les told him

“Ok but don’t yell at me if I toss the pole again,” Élan told him.

“I’ll try my best not to,” Les told him. 

Élan did what Les showed him and Les clapped his hands.

“I did it.” Élan said with a smile and little hope.

“Yes you did but let see if we can get it past the rocks next time, “ Les told him.

“Hey, you said cast it; you didn’t say how far.” Élan said pulling on the line, he felt a tug, “What the hell,” His pole bent a little and the line went tight.

“Jerk it,” Les told him.

Élan jerked it back.

“Now bring it in slowly,” Les told him going over to the edge of the rocks. “Faster” Les said going to the edge of the rocks he grabbed the line and pulled up a fish, a pretty big fish, matter of fact a very large fish, Les turn and looked over his shoulder at Élan  “First-time luck,” Les said and showed Élan the fish.

Élan jump up and down and clapped his hands with the pole under his arm.

“I got one! I got one,” Élan chanted.

“Yap you sure did,” Les told him and brought the fish up to the shore and grabbed his filleting knife.

“What are you doing?” Élan asked.

“I’m going to clean it so we can eat it,” Les told him.

“Let it go,” Élan told him.

“Why it’s a good size fish,” Les told him,

“Let it go please,” Élan begged him,

“Cricket it’s a two-foot long fat rainbow trout it will feed the both of us,” Les told him.

“Oh, baby please don’t,” Les asked when he saw his lover blue eyes well up with tears. Les turn around and put the fish back into the water, it stayed where it was for a few minutes, “I think it’s dead already” Les told him, he picked up the fish he hoped he was able to clean it now that it was dead.  He turned to see Élan standing with the small camping shovel, “No oh come on,” Les begged.

“Ash to ashes dust to dust, may your next life be better than your first” Élan said as Les dumped the last of the dirt over the fish.  “Thank you, sweetie,” Élan said with a smile,

“Anything for my Cricket” Les told him he looked down at the hole and shook his head.


Bob was rolling by the time the story was over with laughter, so hard he could not breathe his chest hurt, his lungs hurt and when he took a deep breath it sounded like a jack ass bray.

 “It’s not that funny,” Élan stomped his foot 

“Yes, it is,” Bob told him.


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More Updates!

Escape from the real world and visit FairyLand and Gliese!

The amazing JL has added Chapter Two to her FairyTales story!  You can read it here: Chapter Two

When I go hiking my muse always starts chattering away to me!  I've started a new page of pictures that make my muse talk to me.  You can view it here:  Gliese Pictures

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New Stories!

JL has started a whimsical series called Fairy Tales.  This is a FairyLand series that has just started.  Chapter One is up here: Fairy Tales

Zillah Jones is continuing her series of Quint/Theo; Zain/Seb; and a new threesome which I absolutely adore, Myrick/Cameron/Platt.  You can go to her reading corner here: Zillah's Reading Corner

I have finished Blessings Home in Chapter 5.  You can read the final chapter here: Blessings Home Chapter 5

Happy Reading!

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Catch Up

Zillah Jones has been writing and posting on her blog, Zillah's Reading Corner.  Her latest arc is Back to School!

If you've not had a chance to read this great series, you can do so here:



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FIC: Mastery at Writing

Title: Mastery at Writing.

Characters: Les and Elan

“What?” Élan yelled

“You heard me,” Les told him.

“You want me to write lines because I called my brother a moron” Élan asked.

“Yes a hundred of them neatly, so I can read them.” Les told him.

“My writing is awful.” Élan whined at him.

“Then take your time. As long as you get them done before we go to bed, you won’t get spank.” Les looked at the clock “you have five hours.”Les said and placed the pen and pad on the table in front of his husband. Les has been trying to get Élan to stop calling his siblings names. He also knew his brat of a husband didn’t like to write so he hoped to shout maybe having him write lines might help him to think before he does it again.

‘What happens if you can’t read them?” Élan asked.

“You rewrite the ones that I can’t. So I’d number them if I was you.” Les told him.

Élan sat at the table and looked at the note pad,

"My P.A. does this kind of things for me." Élan told his husband and stood up Les looked at his husband in disbelief.

"Do you know what my belt does?" Les asked.

"Whoa, no need to go all Toppy on me" Élan said and sat back down he looked at the note pad.

“Calling your sibling names is not only degrading them it degrades you.”

Les heard a small growl from his husband. He looked at the clock it was now just three, so he figured Élan might have half down by dinner. At fifteen to four Les came in Élan still sat at the table his head resting on his fist, the pen moved slowly across the paper. Les didn’t say anything he washed up and started to cook dinner.

“You want help.” Élan asked.

“Nope you have a punishment to do.” Les told him as he made two hamburgers with homemade fries. It took Les about a half hour make dinner. He fixed their plates setting one down in front of his husband he picked up the pad and moved it to the counter; he didn’t even look at them.

“Are you going to read them?” Élan asked.

“When they are finished.” Les told him. Élan let out a frustrating growl. “Sorry” he said when Les raised his eyebrows at him. Dinner was over by six. Élan tried his best to get to help with the dishes all it got him was a stinging swat to the backside. He rubbed the sting out of his backside and sat back down with the pen and pad.

“DADDY I"M FINISHED." Élan yelled out in a childish voice knowing Les was just on the other side of the kitchen wall. Les glanced at his watch it was just now a little before nine he pressed his lips together to keep from laughing.

“Bring them here, little boy.” Les told him it didn’t take long for him to heard the chair scrapping across the tile floor, which sounded like finger nails on a chalk board to Les. He pressed his lip together to keep from laughing when he heard his husband shuffling feet across the room. Élan handed him the pad, Les looked at each one and smile.

“Congrats you don’t have to rewrite any. “Les told him.

“You mean I have mastery in writing.” Élan asked with a smile.

“This time you do.” Les said and pulled Élan down to onto his lap. “What did you learn with this?” Les asked.

“Not to call my sibling names, in front of you.” Élan said with a sassy grin. Les looked up at the ceiling and shook his head in disbelief. “That I not suppose to call my sibling names because it’s not right and it hurtful.” Élan told him knowing fool well that the first one was the wrong answer.

“Good cause the next time, not only will you have double the lines you will do it on a very sore ass.” Les said patting his husband hip. Élan laid his head on his husband chest.

“My hand hurts, kiss it.” Élan said holding up his right hand.

“I rather kiss something else.” Les told him. Élan smiled and got up.

“You lock up,” Élan said running up the stairs.


FIC: Lies

Title: Lies.

Characters: Elan and Les

Élan sat at the old wooden desk in the small home office, he laid his head back on the chair he could feel the pounding coming, he felt the blood vain on the left side, “Not now,” he said, as he dug through the drew he found a bottle of Migraine pills he keeps hidden, grabbing his drink he down two of them just a light rap on the door, to him it sounded like thunder in a canyon.

“Yes,” Élan tried to keep his voice low so Les would not catch on.

“You got everything you need,” Les asked, standing just inside the door way.

“Yeah, this should only take an about an hour.” Élan told him No I want you to hold me make it go away,’ Élan thought as he looked at his husband.

“Dark in here you want me to open the curtain some?” Les asked as he came in the

“Shit he knows, Élan thought he only sits in a dark room, when he head hurts, “I’ll get,” Élan told him.

“No that ok, you’ve got the meeting to start” Les said and open the curtain just little, Élan tried not to squint when the sun came in, even thought it was just a light ray of sun shine, right now it felt like he was staring at the sun.

“I’m headed to the store; I should be home by the time its over.” Les told him, Élan nodded his head, Les bent his head down and kissed Élan bye. “If you are lying to me I tan your hide.” Les warned him.

Élan gave him weak smile.

Élan let out the breath he was holding when he heard the light click of the door shutting behind Les, he laid his head back and waited for the other person or people where ready to start Skype meeting.

“Mr. Buckmen,” The lady said Élan jump a mile with the sudden loudness, he open his eyes to see a woman sitting at her desk.

“Miss. Gunn” Élan said with a smile. Soon six more people came onto the screen, Élan greeting each one with a smile,

“I like to thank all of you for attending on such a short notice and on a weekend, but due unexpected matter, it was the only date I have open.” Miss, Gunn told all of them, some was not too happy but got over it, “I promise you this should not take too long,” She told them.

Half hour later Élan was almost in tears his head was pounding like a base drum with jet engines going off ever few seconds, He about ready to given in an tell his clients to do what they wanted just to get the damn meeting over with. Élan laid his head back and explain once again why they should not buy into this business.

“Well I see this meeting was a waste of time, since Mr. Buckmen is set in his ways” Miss Gunn told everyone.

“Well I see his point,” Mr. Greenwood said.

“Well I don’t” She snapped which made Élan winced in pain ne put his head in his hand to keep it from falling off.

“Élan are you alright.” Someone asked.

“No, I getting a hell of a migraine and I like for a certain person to realize I’m not tossing money into a black hole like this project,” Élan finally snap. “I call this meeting over,” Élan said and closed the program shut off the computer then went over and curled up into the old leather chair of his grand moms and covered his body with the old quilt that was there.

Les come home to a quite house; he put the stuff on the counter and walked down the hall to the office the closer he got to the door the louder the sobbing got. He shook his head and walked in to see his husband curled up crying, Les scoped him up and kiss his forehead.

“Oh Cricket, “Les whispered and pick him up, he carried his husband up the stairs and into the small room, where he always goes when he gets one this bad. Les gently stripped his husband down to his underpants, help him in his sleep t-shirt that he stole from Less the first night Les stayed at the house, then went to go find what was needed.

Élan felt the coolness of the swab and then the gently prick of the injection he winced a little when the medication burn a little as it went in. He felt the calloused hand gently rubbed the injection site. He then felt the bed, dip when Les lay down beside him,

“Cricket I’m going tans your ass red for this.” Les told him his husband, and then kiss the side of his head.

“I’m sorry I thought it would go away.” Élan told him as he rolled over and buried his face into Les shirt. He grabbed a hold of Les like a safety line, “Don’t go please.” Élan begged him.

“Not until I know you’re asleep.” Les told him gently stroking Élan back.

After Élan was fast asleep, Les slipped out of his husband clutches, and went to make his lunch he knew his Cricket would not be eat, since the medication makes his stomach upset. Les headed out to do some light work in the shop, he flipped on the speaker by the door, and the other part was always on in the dark room.

Les climbed out of the shower and peaked in on Élan who was still curled up in a ball asleep, he pulled on his pair of sleep pants and t-shirt slipped on a pair of flip flops and headed out, he head down to Buster and got a plate of wings to go, and some clam chowder for Élan. When he got home he locked up and headed back to his husband, he put the food on the side of the bed and sat down beside his husband.

“Cricket, you need to eat,” Les told him and then help him seat up, he with his back against the wall and his husband between his legs, he then picked up the bowl and put the spoon to Élan mouth. “Sip” Les ordered Élan turn his head at first but Les put his chin on the top of Élan head to stop him. “Eat,” Les barked at him. Élan sip the soup. Les was please that his Cricket was able to eat most of it. He put the bowl down and wrapped his arms around the smaller man, and held him tight in his arms; Élan bent his head up and kiss Les on the chin. Les held up one of the wings to Élan, at first he turned his head, away but Les touched his lip to the sweat and sour wing, Élan took a small bite “ smiled when the put the bone in the to go tray and picked up another one, soon the soup was gone and so was the wings.

“Thank you,” Élan said.

“For what,” Les asked kissing his husband on the cheek.

“For taking care of me and not kill me.” Élan told him.

‘Of course I’ll take care of you just like you do me when I’m sick, as for killing you , later when your better.” Les said with a smile. Élan groan and turns his body a little Les moved his legs so it cradled around Élan backside.

Les picked up Élan and laid him in there bed, as soon as he was in bed Élan curled up around his small arm across his chest as soon as Les felt Élan head on his arm he slipped his arm down and around his husbands back he patted the bottom in his hand, he turned his head and kissed the top of the blond head in his arm. Les turned off the bed lamps and snuggled with his husband.

The next day around ten Les heard a noise he walked into the living room to see his husband tip toeing out.

“Where do you think you are going?” Les asked Élan jumped a mile when Les spoke. He turns to face his husband with smile.

“To the office,” Élan told him,

"On a sunday." Les asked and then shook his head he snapped his finger and pointed in front of him, Élan dropped his shoes

“Oh maaaan” Élan said as he shuffled over to his husband, Les tried his best not to smile , but his Cricket looked like a young teen that just got told he couldn’t borrow the car.

“You were trying to sneak out cause you know I’m going to spank you for lying to me.” Les told him.

“How did I lie,” Élan whinned he could hear it in his own voice, and he knew it sounded childish, but hell he had to try. Les just gave him ‘oh really’ look.

“Not only did you lie to me you looked right into my eyes and lied to my face.” Les told him

“You would have made me cancel the meeting, “Élan told him.

Les turned his husband toward the stairs and gave him a swat to the seat to get him to move,

“No I would of stayed home” Les said as they walked up the stairs, “Cricket I’ve told you before your health is important and a migraine is part of your health, if I had know,” Les stop and open the bedroom door they walked in and Les shut the door, they both walked over to the bed, Les sat down, and pulled Élan between his legs. “I would of gave you your medication, and stayed with you while you had your meeting, and stepped in when it got to bad for you to think.” Les told him he batted Élan hands away when he tried to stop Les from undoing his pants, Les gave the pants a quick tug and pulled them down to Crickets ankles. “Step out.” Les ordered Élan lifted his feet one by one and step out of the fallen pants, he then shove them under the bed with is foot. Les took Élan hand and pulled him over his lap, making sure his chest was on the bed and his mid drift was over the one leg, then he locked Élan legs with is other one. Les then slip down his husband briefs. “This is the second one you didn’t tell me about since we’ve been married; I DON’T (swat) want there to be a third. Understand.” Les asked resting his hand on his husband’s ass.

“Oww, yes, damn Les not so hard.” Élan cried out. Even thought the swat got harder as they punishment went Élan did his best not to cry he twisted and turn trying to get his bottom way from the hard hand. Les lifted his leg a little and brought his hand down hard on the sit spot. “OWWW,” Élan cried out and started to cry, Les felt the smaller body give in and stop fighting he reached under his pillow and pulled out a leather slipper he bought it down hard,

“You do not lie to me.” Les punctuated each word with a swat.

“Oww, please stop Les, Oww,” Élan yelled after each swat. Les tossed the slipper behind him and scooped up his husband up and held him tight to him making sure his battered butt didn’t touch anything; Les laid back moved around so he was face down on his husband body. Les whispers reassurance words to his husband.

“I think I’m the only C.E.O slash millionaire that still gets spanked” Élan whispers,

“Cause you the only C.E.O slash Millionaire that is married to me.” Les told him Élan looked up at him and smile.

“I better be.” Élan told him he sifted his body and found his Husbands lip. Les rolled over to his side taking Élan with him, Élan moved his leg and drapped it over his husbands hips. He broke the kiss and snuggled close to his husband body.

“Sorry I lied to you.” Élan told him.

“Just don’t do it again” Les told him.

“What you smack me with anyway.” Élan asked trying to see what was behind his husband.

“A C.E.O swatter” Les said with a smile. Élan rolled his eyes.


Hot Rod Cricket

Title: Hot Rod Cricket,

Characters: Les and Élan

Warning: Punishment by Hand and paddle,


“Hello.” Les asked the caller.

“Oh hey bro,” Les said

“Damn it.” Élan thought as he

“Wait, he what” Les turn to his husband, “Wait, he was he doing, with whom in the car,” Les asked. Élan closed his eye he turn to see Les coming to him he looked up stairs and then down the hall, He made break or it, he closed the door to his grandma’s study just as Les grabbed the handle. (Click)” Élan

Lewis Buckman Kuykendall unlocks this door, NOW.” Les yelled.

“No, you’ll spank paddle me again.” Élan yelled through the door.

“No I won’t, “Les told him with his hand still on the knob. Élan put his hand on the knob, something told him not to unlock the door,

“What will you do then?” Élan asked. Les let out a breath, and put his head on the door.

“Come out and will talk.” Les told him.

“That’s ok,” Élan said and went over to the old chair.

“Élan you forget, I know how to remove a door.” Les told him.

“You promise you won’t touch this room” Élan said Less could tell by is husband voice was full of alarm.

“Then I’ll just wait.” Le told him and went to turn off the stove, He pulled out the time out stool and sat down his back against the wall, his legs cross at the ankle right he sat and waited, and waited. He forgot Élan had everything under the sun in the room, except for one thing, Half hour later, Les heard the click of the lock he dropped his head down, a pretended to be napping, Les watched thought his eyelashes, Élan open the door just little,

“Thank God.” Élan said and slipped down the hall Les could hear his husband use the bathroom. Élan came down the hall softly, just as he got to the door to his husband Les, put his foot on the wall ahead of him, the wall blocking his brat grabbing by the arm he pulled his husband over his lap and locked his legs down with his other leg, Les then reached behind him and found what he had brought with him when he came to guard the door,

“Les I can explain.” Élan said trying to block his already sore backside

“You lied,” Les told him and bought the paddle down hard.

“I told you” Élan cried out as is body jerked from the swat.

“When I asked you why the police had you pulled over, you told me you got caught speeding.” Les brought the paddle down again. “You didn’t tell me that, my sixteen and fourteen year old nephews were in the car with you.” Les said and brought the paddle down twice more what made Élan cry out loud was that they were in the same spot. “nor did you tell me that you got caught speeding over twenty five miles over the speed limits” Les brought the paddle down four times, one swat on each cheek and one on each sit spot, Élan twisted and turned with each one, “If you can’t add let me do that math for you,” Les shifted his husband so the paddle would land where he wanted it to each time, “That, was eighty five miles an hour,” Les punctuated each word with a sting. “Five more and it would have been a high speed chase with hostages.”

“You didn’t ask.” Élan cried out, when the last one fell.

“I didn’t think I’d have to,” Les said tighten his hold on his husband the paddle fell several times more, by the time the punishment was over, Élan was crying hard, his face was soaked with tear, sweat and snot, Les dropped the paddle on the floor when he felt his the body over his lap relax and give in. Very gently Les rolled his husband over and fix his upright, so his ass was between his legs and his upper body was against his, placing his other arm under his brats legs he lifted the crying man up and it in to the living. Les sat in the recliner he made sure his husband battered bottom didn’t touch anything and sat.

Les didn’t speak he just gently rubbed his husband back and kissed the sweaty forehead every few minutes he moved the damp curls away from his husband face, Les would use tissues to help wipe the tears away and have his husband clear his noise.

Les shifted Élan only to get and cry of pain out of him but he needed him so they both could recline back Les pushed back into the chair. Les wrapped his arms around his husband and kissed the top of his hair.

Élan let out a yawn “hu r. r rts.” Élan whimpered.

“No as mush if I’d lost you.” Les told him. Les shifted again he closed his eyes when he felt the body on him relaxed, The way they were sitting there was no way he be able to move without waking his husband. Les stretched out and interlocked his finger across the back of the man on him holding close to him.

Les woke when he felt Élan shiver he open his eyes the house was dark except for the light in the hall, outside was pitched black. Élan moved just a little “Shit,” Les said Élan open his eyes and looked at him, he could only see a little of Élan but that was enough to make Les heart hurt.

“I have to pee.” Les whispered softly.

“Me too” Élan told him, Les placed his hands on Élan thighs and moved them so they would be straddling him, then he s pushed his legs to the leg rested would go down, Élan jump and grabbed both hands full of shirt, “Oww. Oww,” Élan gas and moved up on his knees . Les stood Élan wrapped his arms around Less knew and lifted “Still hurts.” Élan told him.

“I bet it does.” Les said and carried his cricket to the hall bathroom. Les waited until Cricket was finished, normally they go at the same time but this bathroom was just big enough for one. Once Élan was finished Les pointed to the corner, “You still have ten from the last punishment.” Les told him, Élan bottom lip stuck out but stood in the corner. When Les finished he turned on some lights he then looked at the clock it was close to eleven, who had fast food at this time, hell even the pizza places was closed.

“Are you hungry?” Les asked when he came into the hall wrapping his arms around the man he loved with all the breath in his body.

“Yes,” Élan told him he kissed Les stubbly face.

“I think the only places open now is fast foods,” Les told him.

“Busters are open until 2 a.m. “Élan told him. Les looked at his husband backside,

“Do you really want to sit five miles and then sit to eat?” Les asked.

“I thought maybe we can call in the order and go to our spot to eat.” Élan told him. Les smiled, and pulled is phone out of his pocket he did a quick order of BBQ wings, and Fries along with the Deep fried shrimps and a few crab cakes. Les then went up and found Élan soft silk sleep pants and a shirt, he changed his clothes and headed down stairs, Élan had stayed in the corner, and Les smiled and helped him get dress.

Les open the back door to his truck and help Élan in he knew his brat would prefer to lie down in the back seat. Élan smiled and laid down, Les climbed in he started the truck and headed for Busters, he picked up the order and then stop at one of the quick mart and got a six pack of beer and a bottle of gin, it took about another fifteen minutes to get where they were headed, Once they got there Les fixed the front see of the truck to lay back, and quickly fixed the cab into a small cozy space, Élan laid on his belly. Les fixed the stuff so they could eat lying down, and then pulled out two 12 oz paper cups, Élan laughed, Les shrugged his shoulders,

“Reminds me of our first time” Élan said softly as Les feed him a wing,

“Yeah” Les smile it was one of the dates where it was Les turn to pay and he hadn’t worked for a while all he had was his unemployment check, so Buster wings Budweiser and Jack was their dinner. It was the best date they had, and it was also when Les found out Élan had a house, Les assume he lived with his parents; he always picked him up at the office. Les smiled. “You know the song is right.” Les said taking Chin into his hand.

“What song.” Élan asked.

“Oh something about a cab light giving off a romantic glow. “ Les told him bring the smaller man face to his, Les lips found Élans that kiss was soft and gently. Les pulled back and lick his lips, “Ascent of Élan dipped in BBQ sauce my new favorite taste. “Les told him Élan laugh. Les cocked an eyebrow at him, Élan rowed with laughter. After they had eaten Les laid behind his husband he help the smaller man roll over to face him.

“I know that look, even if I can’t see it well.” Élan said “I am still in trouble, right.” Élan told him.

“You’re grounded for twenty five days, no car, I’ll take you to work or you can get one of the family drivers to drop off and pick up.” Les told him.

“You spank me because I got caught speeding and you paddled me because it was at a high speed and I didn’t tell you the whole story, so now you taking my car. That is three; count them three punishments for the same thing. “Élan thumps his head into his husband hard chest, “Not fair.” Élan told him. Les finger found his husband chin and l lifted his head up so they could see eye to eye, well the best they could.

“ You got spanked you of the speeding, I paddle you because it was at high speed and you DO NOT EVER, EVER put anyone I love, in danger, you, my family, or the cat, That is why you got paddled, I am taking your car so you’ll appreciate your life so enough to drive safer.” Les told him. Élan laid his head against his husband’s chest, Les wrappers his arms round him and rolled over so the smaller man was laying on top of him

“Still not fair” Élan whispered.

“Cricket sometimes a husband or wife has to go beyond the call of duty, to stop the one they love, before they hurt themselves or someone else, to let someone know that they are loved enough that they are willing to make that person stop and think, if me having to blister you ass, until you can sit for a month of Sundays then I will and I’ll, take your car, or whatever have to take I’ll do it each and every time. I don’t want to lose you.” Les put his finger against his husbands lips to stop him from speaking,

“What would of happen if you had wrecked that tin can of a car with the three of you in it, or if you had hit someone else, Do you really think I’d, no we’d be laying here like this, or do you think Bob and Connie would be home with their two boys, Élan shook his head no. “ No we’d be at the hospital wondering if you and the boy would make it, or at mom and dad’s house crying ourselves sick cause you lost you guys . Do you know what it would do to me I had to go. And what if you lived and we lost the boys could you” Élan put his hand over his husband mouth.

“I understand I promise no more Hot Rod Cricket” Élan told him

“I hope not because if hot rod cricket does it again, it going to be deep fried cricket’s ass when I’m done with it.” Les told him, Élan lifted his head and kissed his husband chin.

“You do know I love you right.” Élan told him, Les hugged him tight.

“Yes and I want to be able to do this every night for the rest of our natural lives understand.” Les told him, and ran his finger down Élan cheeks, Élan moan softly.

“Can we” Élan asked.

“Baby, your ass is six shade of red and a little purple” Les told him.

“I still want to” Élan lifted himself up a little. “It will hurt a little but it won’t harm me, “élan told him, Les growled a little “Please, “Élan asked, and pushed his hardness into his husband belly.

“I’ve never been fucked with a sore ass, but imagine it going to hurt like hell, and you know once I get started, I can’t just stop “ Les told him as he gently rolling his husband onto his back Les took his husbands waist band and removed his pants,

“I know, I won’t want to stop either.” Élan told him, Les shifted his husband so his head was by the steering wheel.

“Roll over,” Les told him Élan wondered what was going on, but he did what he was asked he rolled over onto his belly, Les pushed Élan legs so he ass was up in the air and his head was down, he then pushed his husband legs apart, Élan looked over at his shoulder, Les looked at the sore bottom, He then looked at his husbands pleading eyes. Les bent his head and kissed the flaming hot cheeks he then ran his tongue between the cheeks.

“Oh Jeezs, “ Élan gasped out, usually that was something Les don’t do, he then moved his tongue so the tip was the tight little rose bud, he looked over his husbands mounds, Élan had a glossy high look in his eyes, Les pushed his tongue into the rose bud, “Oh shit,” Élan yelled and came hard, Les hand grasp the jerking cock and pumped it, Élan dropped his head and rose up a just a little Les licked all the way up from the rose bud to the back of the neck, and then back down, by the time Les hand finished preparing his husband Élan was a body of jelly, Les took his husband hands and put them on the steering wheel, he then moved behind his husband and put his hand on both cheeks he open his husbands cheeks up.

“Sit Cricket,” Les order Élan sat back held onto the steering wheel and pushed back he eyes open and he clamped his mouth shut. “No one can hear us out here cricket, let me hear you,” Les told him biting his shoulder hard, Élan let out a sexual yell, as he slid full length onto his husband cock, Élan cock was hard as a bat again, Once Les felt the body that surrounded him relaxed he wrapped his fingers around the other man members, he stop sucking on soft flesh of his husband shoulder. “Fuck me.” Les demanded in a soft whisper, He felt élan body shivered he knew it was not from the cool night breeze.

Élan started to move he gasp at the pain, moved a little more, and then stopped.

“You wanted this, we’re not stopping until I came deep in you so deep you will taste it for a week,” Told him. “Harder “Les demanded. Élan picked up speed, Les knew damn well if his husband to him to stop, he would and Élan knew it as well. Les reached over and turn the radio on, the music played softly, Élan moved his hand from the bottom of the wheel to the top and started to slam down on his husband Les moved forward causing Élan to sit straight up, his left leg started to slid a little on the bedding, the soft chirping sound started to feel the truck.

“Cum for me my little cricket,” Les demanded and bite down hard on Élan shoulder Élan let out a orgasmic scream all it did was cause Les to pump hard and faster, Élan went lip against his husband body, Les slid out and moved Cricket to lay on his back he lifted Élan legs up and over his shoulder, he then moved forward Les and was on both side of Élan head, and Élan body Les slid back into his husband only to get a oh yes, out of the smaller man Les moved so he was have lying between his husbands legs, “Cricket look at me,” Les told him, Élan shook his head no, a little, Les let his hand fall on the sore as Élan eyes popped open Les caught the cries in his mouth, he moved his lower have and began to fuck his husband. Les felt the leg began to move against his head, the soft cricket sound, sounded tired, Les moves in a way that lifted Élan lower half up off the bedding he slammed into him, Élan let out a cry of lust and Les followed him, Les moved the legs fell from the shoulders down to his hips. Élan wrapped his legs round his husband’s body and tighten hard enough to make Les lay down on him Les held his weight on his arms so he would not crush his husband, Les made his lower have move gently inside his husband. It seem like forever, before they could breath normal again, Les laid on his side and moved so Élan would be on top of him,

I love you Cricket.” Les told him.

“I love you too, my He-man.” Élan told him Les laughed. Les was still buried deep in his husband body, he rolled over and began to rock slowly Élan open his eyes and smiled. “I want to wake up like this every morning for now on, Les smiled.

“Yeah me too” Les said kissing his husband mouth. Once they came again Les pulled out and clean himself up, he covered Élan up and fixed the truck up, so he could drive home, he let the truck warm up and he drove them home Élan never woke when Les moved him into the house.