Sunday, June 24, 2018

New Chapter from JL

I've gotten a bit behind in posting on the guest blog! I'll try to catch up in the coming weeks.  But to begin with JL posted a new chapter in her FairyLand series!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Distractions by Huh

Thinking of Zillah and Dizzy and the Den. Hope you're all doing well. Thank you all for supporting me.

By HuhChuH

"They come again and again. Circling, vulturing, venturing into me."

I break into bits too readily,
allowing it,
almost eagerly,
forgetting who I am,
willing to undo me, my work.

I build myself. They break me apart.

I ache remembering.

Their golden halo extends just beyond my reach. Not good enough again. Broken. Dismissed. Different.

Again I forget who I am,
accepting blame as the wrong one,
saving the situation,
scapegoating all too easily.
Was there another option?
Communicate? Saying what? How? Why?

Slowly, I remember to breathe and feel.
Bit by bit I remember me.

Smiling, I breathe fully freely happily.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018

FIC The Fright of a Master by Carrol

I had posted on the Den my excitement that there is going to be a new Jurrasic Park movie. This sparked Carrol into writing this story!

All mistakes are mine Thanks Dizzy for your help with the booboo's

Title: The Fright of a Master
Characters: Matt/Cody
Series: Master and Slave series

My boi was a nut about The Walking Dead show as well as Fear the Walking Dead. Normally I make sure he is in bed by nine however on Sundays I let him watch his two shows while I do a little catch up on work. I may be a master but I don’t like horror movies or zombie shows. They are too gross. I'm not into gore. I was in the middle of a purchase order when I heard a high pitch scream.


I took off in a panic out the office door to find Cody inches away from the flat screen. All I saw was a T-rex on the screen,

“What the hell boi?” I demanded with my hand on my chest, He looked up at me with excitement in his eyes.

“There’s a new Jurassic Park movie coming out! I’ve got to see it please,” He told me as he bounced up and down.

“You gave me a heart attack over a movie” I scolded. “I should spank you.” I snapped.

He looked at me and blinked. He closed his eyes and looked down at his knees

'Oh hell,' It makes my heart hurt when he does that. He looks so...not sure how to put it...ashamed of himself when he looks that way.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He told me. “But I’ve got to see it."

“When does it come out?” I asked him.

“June this year,” He told me.

I closed my eyes, grumbled "spoiled brat", and walked back into the office,

“Does that mean I get to see it?” He asked.

I knew he was he was on bouncing on the sofa, looking out the door.

"Do you sit on furniture like that?" I barked.

"No sir, sorry sir," He told me. "But can I?" He asked.

“I'll. See,” I told him.

“Thank you, sir,” He said and I heard him say, "Yes". I knew he pumped his hand in the air and bounced on the sofa like he was five instead of his age.

I sat down at my desk and said, "Settle down or go to bed."

I found the ticket place I use to purchase tickets. I looked up when the movie was going to show. Preordering tickets are cheaper that way, I knew he’d go but I wanted someone else to go with him, so I bought two. Lee may go with him even though I dislike that guy and he knew it. My pop loved that kind of shit so I am pretty sure if I asked he would go with Cody. Andy and I took after dad on that side. He could not stand that kind of stuff either. I knew Vinnie liked that kind of stuff also. I thought for a moment and then hit click.

I tap the buy button and in seconds my phone beeped. I got the notice that three tickets were purchased on my Visa card. I knew the three would love to watch it together. I close the phone and sat back and listened to my boi gasp and yell "oh hell! No, run stupid run! Don't go in there! They are going to eat you". God, I loved him so much.


Saturday, February 24, 2018

New Stories!!

A few authors on the Den have posted new stories on their blogs!

JL has written Chapter 10 of her Fairy Land series!  It's a fun, fantasy read that is truly wonderful!

A prompt on the group inspired Zillah's story The Insomnia Fix.  A great scene between Quint and Theo!

Alex and Julien have the tables turned on them in Little Fantasies: Turning the Kink Table.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Meaning of a Forehead Kiss by Carrol

Another picture sparked Carrol to write her Matt and Cody in this cute snippet!

Meaning of a Forehead Kiss.

“Why do you always Kiss my forehead before you leave the house?” Kyle asked me one day before we headed to work.

“Cause it says a lot," I told him.

“Really?” He said.

“Yes," I stopped and kissed his forehead again.

“What does it say? In case I am not reading it right,” He asked with a smile.

“It means," I said with another kiss. “A forehead (Kiss) means protection. (Kiss) It’s Respect. It says “You’re mine, (Kiss) and don’t ever leave my side”. It says (Kiss) “I care about you and I don’t want you to get hurt” “(Kiss). It says “I’ll come between you and whatever tried to hurt you”. It says (Kiss) “I love you and you’re my baby”. I told him.

He let out a heavy sigh and laid his head on my chest,

“Nope. I read it right.” He said with a smile he then reached up and kissed my forehead.

“Does it mean the same for a brat as it does a top?” He asked looking at me.

“Yeah it does but so much more," I told him.

“How?” He asked.

“It shows that you trust me to do all those things." We kissed again. “Come on or we"ll both be late for work,” I said and pushed him toward the door with a sharp swat to his slacks.


Read more of Carrol's Stories.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Follow Through by Carrol

A fun picture sparked this story by Carrol!

Title: The Follow Through
Characters: Brett and Kyle

A shirtless Brett was standing in the tack shed waiting for his young love to show up. As the door open his breath caught to see Kyle too was shirtless. He got a smile for the man he loved as he placed his saddle on the saddle horse.

Seeing his chance Brett grabbed Kyle by the waistband of his jeans and pulled him back to him. He slipped his right leg under the younger man and bent it causing the smaller man to get off balance. Kyle tipped over and reached for something to balance himself with. Brett felt Kyle's hands tighten around his ankle.

“What the hell?” Kyle asked as he looked back never losing his hat, “Wait wait, what are you doing?” He yelped when he saw the leather belt raised high above his lover's head.

“What I said I was going to do if you did such a foolish stunt again,” Brett said and brought the strap down across the jean cover ass.

Once the punishment was over and his brat was calm he stood him on his feet. Then Brett pushed him against the wall of the tack room, claiming Kyles mouth to his. The kiss was hard, claiming but yet calming. Brett tried not to grow hard but was unsuccessful as his pants grew tight. As the kiss went on, he slowly moved to find his lover just as hard as he was.

"Don't do it again," Brett said as he pulled back.

"Yes, sir," Kyle said breathlessly.