Saturday, April 15, 2017

Challenge Response by Huh

JL issued a great challenge on the Den. The challenge was to write something that was inspired by a favorite quote. Huh wrote this fun little piece!

Title: Reality
Characters: Neanderthal and Wench
Challenge: Quote Challenge: "I reject your reality and substitute my own," by Adam Savage.

"Neanderthal, I reject your reality that one must eat every single day. I substitute it with, one must eat when they feel like it," The Wench said confidently.

"Oh?" A questioning raised eyebrow answers her statement.

"I'll join you there for a moment. So, you eat only when you feel like it. So that would preclude times that you are sleeping, busy, or stressed. How much of the day is left, libchien? Perhaps one meal a day? Ok. So you'll need to eat dense nutrient rich meals with snacks of dried vegetables and fruits. You'll need to drink nutrient rich shakes and drinks. How does that sound to you young lady? It doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me. Perhaps you prefer to join me in the world of regular meals?"

Eyeing him carefully, she hesitantly accede his points. "Weeeell, I guess if you're eating with me it's ok. I still don't like it much." Her foot stomps quietly, accentuating her points.

"It's not much fun when you don't get what you want, is it?" He says this with far too much understanding as he slides me over his knee. "Perhaps a good dusting will help." He slaps my bottom firmly and briskly. No cobwebs remain. I smile with his attentions and pout at the stingy ache. Too many dustings in a day equals one sore well spanked bottom!

The slaps turn to pats turn to rubs. Sighing under his soothing touch, I smile with contentment.

"Neanderthal? I love you too."


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