Sunday, October 29, 2017

Snippet: Enriching Emotions

I've been writing some snippets to work on enriching my writing. They don't really have a place on my story blog so I thought I would share them here.

Snippet: Enriching Emotions
By Dizzy

He inhaled through his nose all the while chanting silently in his head, ‘In with the good. Out with the bad’. But the chant didn’t work as the thudding of his heart moved upward until it echoed in his head. He jumped up and started pacing.

He needed. He knew he needed. He just hated to admit it. Hated the need and hated admitting.

The thudding in his heart and head suddenly stopped. The echo was now the footsteps coming his way.


He looked at the tall man who’d said the one word. The man that knew his need. The man who could make the demons halt.

As he reached out to take the hand, he noticed the tremors had slowed. The lump that had been in his throat had disappeared. He didn’t have to concentrate on his breathing anymore. And his heart synced in time with the one who loved him. He knew, together they would take care of the need.


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