Tuesday, December 12, 2017

FIC: It's Dark by Anda

A dark, scary hallway and a bit of discussion on the Den led to this sweet story by Anda!

Title: It's DARK! (Andy/Nicky, for Dizzy)
Characters: Andy/Nicky
Series: Micah/Andy/Nicky

"You expect me to... no! It's dark out there! Nuh-uh!" Nicky crossed his arms and gave a definite nod of his head to emphasize his determination.

"If you had taken it earlier when I asked, Nicky John, it wouldn't have been dark," Andy replied calmly but firmly. "It is your chore to handle and it needs to be done, please."

"It's DARK! out THERE!" Nicky repeated, louder this time since Andy evidently was going hard of hearing. "I'm NOT doing it!" he added with a firm stomp.

Andy's brows raised. "Excuse me, young man?"

Nicky's stomach flip-flopped and he unconsciously bit his lip. Andy sounded cross now, and those were his spanking eyes. "Aaaaaaannnndyyy! It's daaaaark!"

"Which does not excuse you from your chores," Andy replied heartlessly. "The lights are on, Nicholas, it isn't *that* dark."

Nicky pouted and huffed and he lifted his foot to stomp again when he caught the look Andy leveled at him. He dropped his foot and huffed again. "Will you come with me then?" He asked instead, giving Andy his best puppy dog eyes. "Pleeeeease?"

Finally, Andy nodded. Thank god. "I will," he agreed, "and then you're going to spend some time in the corner remembering how little boys in this house are expected to behave."

"Andy!" Nicky protested, jaw-dropping. He HATED spending time in the corner!

"I could spank you instead," Andy offered unhelpfully.

Nicky was quick to shake his head. "No! I mean, no, Andy, that's okay. I'll stand in the corner." Even though it's boring and it sucks, he added silently. It was better than being spanked!

"I thought you might. Come on."

Nicky gathered up the trash and tied the bag shut. He hefted it and went to the kitchen door, looking over his shoulder to make sure Andy was following him. Quick as lightning, he darted outside and threw it in the big trash bin.

"You're coming, right?"

"I'm behind you, Nicky," Andy assured, joining him outside.

Together, they walked the bin to the street, their path illuminated by not only the streetlights but also the pathway lights lining the driveway.

"Now was that so hard?" Andy asked as he locked the door behind them once they were back inside.

"It's *dark*," Nicky replied.

Andy rolled his eyes. "All right. You owe me some corner-time, young man. That one there will do nicely."

Nicky wrinkled his nose but took up position in the appointed corner. Maybe he ought not have stomped at Andy, but expecting him to go outside in the dark just to take out the trash was just plain mean. Anyone would agree, surely!

The End

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