Sunday, October 22, 2017

New Writer: Anda: The Belt

Anda has written several stories and snippets. I'm excited to share her wonderful writing here!  I will post over the next few days.  Enjoy!

The Belt
By Anda

His hand wrapped around my throat.

I could feel my pulse thumping against his fingers, my heartbeat thudding in my ears. His grip was just firm enough to be felt, but I felt myself go weak in the knees. Inside my head, I screamed 'I don't do breathplay!' Swallowing was an effort. I was getting lightheaded. Our eyes were locked on each other; mine wide and terrified, his focused and firm.

His fingers tightened around my throat for the briefest moment and I whimpered. There was a smirk in his eyes as he let go.

His hands went to his waist. The sound of the metal clinking as he unbuckled his belt made my mouth go dry. I swallowed hard in anticipation. A second later, I was rewarded with the hiss of the supple leather as he pulled the belt from the loops in one sharp tug. My breathing quickened and my heart felt as if it would burst from my chest.

He folded the leather over in his hand, gripping the buckle tightly. My eyes darted to the loop of leather hanging from his fist and I licked my lips. The chuckle that met my ears sounded almost sinister.

He grabbed the back of my neck, forced me to turn around, and pushed me down until my chest met the table. The wood was freezing against my flushed skin and I shivered. He pressed harder and squeezed, a silent order: 'Stay'.

My eyes fell closed as I heard him move closer behind me. I heard the faint whisper as he pulled his arm back and let the belt fly. An instant later, I let out a low, appreciative groan at the first kiss of the leather on my naked flesh. The burn was immediate, and I arched my spine, humming deep in my throat at the exquisite line of fire the leather left in its wake.

He struck me again with the belt, a second searing stripe painting the flesh below the first. He took his time, pausing between strokes to let the burn settle and set me alight before he landed the next. I lost count, overwhelmed by the inferno ignited behind me and the energy strumming between us. I felt like I was floating apart from myself as I surrendered to the sensations. It was minutes or hours later when the belt stopped falling, and I was blazing from hips to thighs.

The belt clattered to the floor. An instant later, his hips pinned me to the table and I hissed from the pain of his jeans scratching my aching flesh. His fingers tangled in my hair, gripping firmly and pulling my head back to expose my tearstained face to him

'Good girl,' he whispered, his breath hot and moist in my ear.


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