Monday, October 23, 2017

Snippet: Kneeling by Anda

by Anday

She loved kneeling.

In the morning as he buckled his belt and she slipped his shoes on his feet.

In the afternoon by the door to greet him when he came home.

In the evening as he luxuriated in the tub and she tenderly bathed him.

She loved kneeling.

In front of him as he used her mouth and called her his favorite little cockslut.

In front of him on all fours as he gripped her hips hard enough to bruise and thrust into her until she screamed.

In front of him as he pleasured himself and spilled his seed on her face and breasts, marking her as his.

She loved kneeling.

Beside him at his computer as he played his games and permitted her to lay her head on his knee.

Beside him at the table as he fed her delicious morsels from his own plate.

Beside him at his chair as he read to her and lovingly petted her hair.

He's gone now.

She hates kneeling.


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