Sunday, October 22, 2017

Snippet by Anda: The Little Doll

The Little Doll

By Anda

Her toybox was on the shelf in the top of her closet. Biting her lip, she pulled it down. She sat on the floor, legs criss-crossed, and stared at it. Bright yellow. Adorned with stickers she'd once upon a time excitedly placed to make it her 'very own special toybox'. Her tummy felt wobbly as she reached out and flipped the latch.

She went through the items one by one. Coloring books without a single blank page. A 64 crayon box of Crayolas. Well-thumbed Little Golden books. A ladybug sippy cup. A pink and purple pacifier. A couple of barbies. A soft and snuggly baby blanket. And at the bottom...

She reached in with trembling hands and picked up the doll. She lightly traced her finger over the doll's face. The clothes were wrinkled. The hair was tangled and messy. The doll's eyes screamed accusations at her. Her heart skipped a beat and her cheeks were suddenly wet. She clutched the doll to her chest, hugging it tight and stroking it's hair.

After several long minutes, she reached into the toybox and took out the bag that had been beside the doll. She took her time choosing a new outfit before carefully undressing and redressing her doll. She picked up the special brush and lovingly combed the snags and tangles from the hair until it was soft and shiny. When she was done, the doll looked brand new again.

"I don't know how to play anymore, but I promise not to forget you again, or to lock you away. I'll take care of you."

As she spoke the words to the doll, she felt lighter. Deep inside, for the first time in a long time, her little smiled.


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