Monday, October 23, 2017

Snippet: Little One by Anda

Little One
by Anda

The first time he called her 'little one' had frozen her in her tracks. Her heart beat faster and her tummy fluttered. He'd said it as casually as he said her name, but those two little words had tilted her world on its axis.

He said 'little one', but she heard 'I will protect you'.

He said 'little one' but she heard 'I will guide you'.

He said 'little one', but she heard 'I love you'.

She looked into his eyes and he held her gaze, and a strong feeling of contentment curled deep in her tummy. His eyes were kind and filled with understanding and, as he held his hand out to her, his eyes said 'home'.

He said 'little one', but she heard 'mine'.


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