Sunday, May 7, 2017

FIC: Apology Not Accepted

Title: Apology Not Accepted
Characters: Les/Elan

Hey Les isn’t that your husband,” One of the guys called him it was lunch time and one of the guys was watching the news on his tablet.  Les came over to see his gorgeou husband standing before several news stations, and the Major along with the city council  

The local news lady was standing beside Élan,  Élan once told Les that they went to school together and she was a little snot then and even a bigger one know.

 “We are here today for a public apology from Mr. Buckman to Mayor Grant and the cities official, Mr. Buckman please anytime you are ready.” The spoke person said.

“Thank you Miss, Strong, this won’t take long I promise,” He picked up the mic and turns to the Mayor and the city officials. 

“Public apology what he do” One of the guys asked. Les just shook his head and gave a puzzled look.

“I would like to say. Since I am not good with apologies”

“Oh no,” Les t said out loud. The guys around him looked at him land then back to the tablet.

“I would you like to say. You all can go unfuck yourself and whatever else I said to you to get your panties in a knot, cause 
I still say you’re full of pooh, and you’re not getting any of my money for nothing” He then turns back to a the very stun cameras and put the mic down, “Oh yes, and have a good day” Élan turned and walked away living a very stun group of people.
Less eyes open wide and the guys around him busted up laughing, Except for a few they just gave Les a look. All Les could do was shrug his shoulder.

“Man you husband got some balls on him” One of the guys said.

“They didn’t even get a chance to bleep him out.” Another one said.

“It live dumb ass of course they didn’t” Another one said.
Les went back to work hoping driving nails with the hammer would calm him down some, so he would not kill his brat when he got home.

“Élan Lewis Buckman Kykendoll.” Les yelled as he shut the front door. Élan heard his full name being called he got up and tried to escape out the back door.  “Stop right there little boy” Les said pointing his finger at his brat. “What the hell were you thinking?” Les asked coming across the living room in a few strides.

“An apology for telling to go fuck themselves a few days ago. Like you told me to do” Élan told him. Les was not amused he took Élan by the arm pulled him and swatted his butt hard.

“Oww” Élan yipped “Oww hey,” he yipped a few more times ads Les lead him to the small alcove that they use for time out periods. Les moved the time out stool and turned it over, he then moved his husband to stand in front of it
“Stand there.” Les ordered.  He headed for the fridge his hand hovered over the beer but he shook his head ‘too early for that’ he thought and grabbed a soda instead popping the top he took a swallow.

“What was wrong with my apology” Élan asked.

“Telling those people I’m not good at apologies so go unfuck yourselves and whatever else I said is not an apology”Les said.  “Especially on live TV

“Your dad thought it was.” Élan said holding up his phone to show the text his father in law had sent.

“Good apology son that’ll shows them they can’t miss with us Kykendoll men. Lol ROTFLMAO.”

“The the only one you have to be worried about finding thing correct or funny or not is me and that my sweet brat was not.” Les snapped the last two words

“To me it is.” Élan mumbled

“Élan Lewis Buckman-Kykendoll, Turn around.” Les ordered Élan turned around to see Les pull down a paddle off the top of the fridge Élan eyes got huge.

“Were the hell we get that” He asked.

“I made it a few weeks ago.” Les told him coming to where he stood Élan could not take his eyes off the sturdy paddle, 

“leave it to you to make such a thing.’ Élan said as Les came toward him.

“Ok I do a correct one I promise,” Élan said as Les took him by the arm, Les put his foot up on the time out stool and bent his husband over his leg. Élan felt something on his back and then his pants being taken down. Élan then felt the something being moved he grabbed the edge of the stool with both hand, Les laid the paddle down so Élan could see it.

“Sorry Cricket,” Les said as he brought his hand down, by the time Les was done with the spanking part of the punishment his brats backside was a very nice shade of red and he could see a few hand prints. Élan was in tears, his sobs were hard.  Les tight his grip on around his husband, , the paddle cracked down four times one on each cheek and one on each thigh, Élan screamed with each swat, and jerked backwards,  Les put down the paddle and light rubbed his husband back,

“Sorry,” Élan finally managed to say after long while. His tears was starting to dry but his hiccup was still there, Les wished he had brought soda with him.  Slipping his one arm under Élan legs he lifted his husband up and carried him to the kitchen he grabbed the soda then carried his husband to the bedroom,

“Cricket I’m going to make the old nursery into a punishment room,” Les told him once they were lying on the bed.

“Why” Élan asked.

“Well that way, no one will hear you, and it will be a little more private.” Les told him.

“If you I want but I don’t think it will be necessary

“Oh trust me I do.” Les said as he saw his husband standing before for the new media on the five o’clock news. The head line was “C.E.O Tells Major and City Counsel to Un**** themselves today during a live broadcast.


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