Sunday, May 7, 2017

FIC: Don’t Kick Appliances

Title: Don’t Kick Appliances
Characters: Les/Elan

“Well I think its dead.” Les said standing up and looking at his husband who looks a lot younger then he was.

“You can’t fix it,” Élan asked his blue eyes wide,

“Nope not this time,” Les told him and then leaned against the counter crossing his arms, he pinned his husband with a look.  “You want to tell me how it happens.” Even though Les probably knew what had happen, he had to ask grabbing a towel and wiped of his hands.  Élan just looked at him and shook his head no.  “Why not” Les asked stepping on the wet towels that now covered their kitchen floor, good thing he still had his work boots on, he step lightly so he would not go sliding across the wet tile floor. He grabbed another towel laid it over Élan head and briskly dried the young man’s hair.   

“Cause you’ll get made.” Élan told him.  Les let out a breath.

“Try me.” Les said trying not to smile. Élan rolled his eyes, and then turned on the stool so his husband could get his long hair dry.

“I was doing the dishes and the damn thing got to buzzing again so I kicked it, usually it would stop and do what it supposes to do, this time it didn’t so I kicked it a little harder a few more times, the next thing water started to gush out of it then smoke and well the power went off.” Élan told him. All Les did was nodded his head yes while Élan was talking.

“Do you know why?” Les asked picking up his husband and carried him into the other room. 

“Cause I kicked it.” Élan asked looking even younger.

“Yes, cause  when you kicked it, the water hose came off causing the water to gush out, and that cause the hot motor got wet and short out, which caused the smoke and the motor shorted out,  then  the circuited breaker to pop that cause the power to go out. “ Les told him standing his husband between his legs. Les took Élan pants and slide them down off his slider hips and his long legs, Élan didn’t need to be told he lifted one leg and then the other, Les then pulled the soaked T-shit he tossed both item into the kitchen, he then pulled Élan over his lap, making sure his husband chest was on the sofa. He circled his husband body with his arm and rested the one hand on the bare bottom before him.

“You want to tell me why.” Les asked. Élan looked back at him and let out frustrating breath.

“Because I kicked the appliance in a temper fit and causes it to go out.” Élan told him. Les shook his head no. “No then why.” Élan asked.

“Because you put yourself in danger,” Les had to fight to keep from smiling when his husband looked at him lost.” By kicking the dishwasher, causes the water problem that caused a shortage and the power to go out if the power had not gone out Élan you could have been badly hurt. “Les told him and brought his hand down hard.

“Oww, Les.” Élan yelled Élan could already feel the heat form the first smack.  “We can get a new one.” Élan yelped when Les hand came down again this time on the other cheek just as hard.

“Yes we can, but I cannot get another one of you.” Les told him nothing else was said if someone had came up on the porch at that time all they could hear was a the sound of  something getting smack hard and the muffled crying.  Les stopped to shake out his hand even though his hand were tough as nails they still stung like hell when he had to spank his husband.  

This was one of the more painful spanking Les has ever given and he hopes he didn’t have to repeat it, but Les was not going to allow his Cricket to put himself in danger.  Élan jerked and twisted with each swat, Les held him tight and made sure his Cricket was going anywhere until he let him go, Les then cross his legs over Élan to keep him from kicking. It took a few powerful swats on the sit spot, to get Élan to relax and submit to the punishment, when Les felt his husband no longer fighting him, he stop the spanking.  

“Shhh, Cricket I’ve got you, all over, shhh, breath, baby breath.” Les whispered into Élan ears, Élan held onto Les and cried, Les held him tight and rocked him side to side gently rubbing the bare back, now and then he gently pat the naked hip. They stayed this way for a long time; Élan took a deep breath and rubbed his noise on his husband’s shirt.

“I’m sorry.” Élan told him.

“Just don’t do it again. “ Les told him. Élan nodded into the wide chest. 

“Now what” Élan asked.  Les tipped his husband face up to meet his he kissed the tip of his husband his nose.

“I’m going to take a hot shower and get out of these wet clothes while you clean up that miss in there,” Les said he laughed when Élan lower lip stuck out.  “Then we’ll go look at new dishwasher” He told him as he bent down to pick up Élan boxers.

“Those are wet.” Élan said protesting.

“Don’t worry they’ll dry” Les said patting Élan’s still warm bottom. 


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