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Fic: Holiday Disaster

Title: Holiday Disaster

Characters: Les/Elan

Élan tried like crazy to put what happen on Halloween night behind him, but it seemed impossible. He could no longer go into his little dark room when his migraines started. Les, bless his heart, put cardboard in the windows of one of the others rooms, but daylight still came though. So since the room was at the back of the house, he put boards across it for now.

"You need to see a counselor," Les told him one night while they snuggled.

"I'm not crazy. I'm, oh hell, I don't know," Élan said moving his husband’s hand from where it was up to his chest

"I miss the Cricket," Les pulled Élan closer as he kissed the top of his head

"I'm sorry," Élan let out a worried sigh and rolled over. Les pulled him close to chest.

"One day at a time," Les whispered.

Les was right, it been two weeks since they had sex. The last time was in the hotel room when they were in Oakland. However, in their own house, nothing would happen. Élan didn't want to be touched. Les was trying to understand but sometimes a man needs more then self-relief.

Élan was excited this was the first Thanksgiving he would be actually part of Les's family. When they had first met he had felt uncomfortable about them. Everything had been going well until Les's oldest nephew kept staring at him. He finally figured out who Élan was.

"You're Élan Buckman. You inherited all you grand moms businesses and became a C.E.O and millionaire like overnight leaving you're brothers and sister with nothing." He said, turning his tablet around to show his dad.

"You're dating one of the richest men in our town and you don't say anything?" his dad asked.

"I'm over eighteen. It's no one business who I date," Les told him taking Élan’s hand into his under the table. "I don't care who he is or what he's got. I love him for him, not his money," Les said giving the hand a squeeze. "And I prefer to keep it that way. It is no one’s business," Les pointed his fork at his ‘I have a secret’ niece who cannot keep a secret.

"Les maybe I should just go," Élan had said.

"Don't you dare, no one is leaving this table, and I mean it," Les’s mom, Rachel, told him. "Élan is a very nice young man. He treats our son with respect and that is what it is all about. Now eat your dinner or no dessert," she had threatened. The whole table mumbled, “Yes ma'am,” even Élan and had gone about eating.

"I have nothing in common with you or your family.I didn't even know what Margarine was, or Mayo until tonight," Élan had told him outside. They stood behind the garage. It was cold as hell but they both needed to be alone for a minute. Les knew Élan was about ready to flip. He didn't like people knowing who he is, he prefer not to flash his whole name around.

"That is why I love you so much." Les told him and gave him a kiss, which lasted a little longer than they expected. Les pushed Élan against the wall, and gloved covered hands started roam.

"Hey you guys quite that or things will freeze together," Bob told them.

"I don't see a problem with that," Les told him once they broke apart.

"I do we won't be able to eat." Élan said. Bob busted up laughing and shook his head.

"I like you, you're funny," Bob told him and the three men walked into the house.

Even thought Les and Élan had only been married less than a year, his mom told him that his and Élan’s names would be put in the pot to see whose house Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner would be held. Les said that was unfair, but he never did win and argument with his mom.

Les and Élan names were chosen for Thanksgiving. Les while laughing,swore up and down that they drew their names on purpose.He and Élan were busy getting things ready. The house look nice all decked out in fall colors and décor, but Élan was still stressing about it being prefect.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and Les and Élan had the main dish, the turkey, dressing, and Potatoes. Élan was sitting on a chair sipping a white wine mix that Les makes for him. Élan was about ready to get sick as he has never seen a turkey be prepared for cooking,

"That’s disgusting," Élan said.

"What is?" Les asked over his shoulder.

"You shoving your hand up a turkey ass and…" About that time Les pulled his hand out of the backside of the turkey making a sickening pop. Les’ hand was covered with slimy turkey stuff. Élan made a gagging sound then ran to the bathroom.

"Pansy" Les yelled over his shoulder.

Les sipped his beer and watched Élan go through the house moving this or that, cleaning something and counting the chairs. .

"Cricket stop," Les commanded.

"Stop what?" Élan asked with a smile.

"Don't get coy with me." Les gave his husband a sharp swat, which made Élan stand straighter. "I know when you get stressed out, and I know how to stop it." Les warned. Élan blew his husband a kiss and put the stuff away, it was about nine when they went to bed or tired too.

"Élan get back to bed, its fine." Les bellowed from upstairs. Élan slipped back under the blankets making sure his ass was out of swatting distance. But it didn't do no good, next thing he knew he was face down and his butt was stinging. Les pulled Élan close to him. "You need at least eight hours of sleep or you’re a grumpy Gus in the morning." He kissed his husband forehead. "The house is not going to burn down, and neither is dinner, so just relax and get to sleep." Les told him.

"Yeah easy for you to say," Élan nipped his husband nipple.

"Hey, Oww, brat," Les cried with a chuckled. Both men curled up into each other. Les gently move his finger tips in circles little by little he felt Élan relax. Soon both men were fast asleep.

Les woke with a start. He was not sure what it was until he realized his arms were empty. Tossing back the blankets, he headed to where he knew his husband would be and he was right. Les waited until Élan slid the turkey back in the over and closed the door.

"Each time you take the cover off you let out the steam and that helps keep the bird moist," Les said. He smiled when he saw his husband jump.

"God darn it Les, you scared the piss right out of me," He told him, his hand on his heart. He was breathing deep. Les waited until he knew his husband, was not about to faint, then he pointed upstairs.

"Well, mop it up and get back to bed now," Les ordered.

"It's almost four in the morning," Élan told him making sure his ass was against the counter.

Les let out deep breath. "No one will be here until noon or after. Now let’s go back to bed. We can sleep until nine, I hope and then we can start our day," Les said. "Now if you get up again, you will be either de-stressed spanked or punishment spanked," Les said as he pointed a finger at his husband.

"What’s the difference?" Élan asked crossing his arms.

"De-stressing you get spanked until you relax. Punishment you get spanked until I think you learned your lesson, or I can do both,” Les pressed his lips together, not in anger but to keep from smiling at the look on his husband’sface."Both is when I spank you until you relax and then I continue until I am ready to stop.”

"Isn't that the same as a punishment spanking?" Élan asked.

"Do you want to find out?" Les asked.

"No, that's alright," Élan told him. He didn't like the idea but he followed his husband upstairs to their bed. Each time Élan moved Les swatted him medium hard. It was about five when Les had enough. He simply sat up, and pulled his husband over his lap, since them both slept naked.

"Les I have to go pee" Élan yipped when Les pulled him closer to him.

"You've gone pee three times in a half hour," Les said and brought his hand down. Élan jumped after few smacks. Even thought his husband was not crying hard, Les could feel the tension leave. He landed the last one hard across the reddish cheeks in front of him."Now let's go to sleep please." Les moved his husband around until they were lying chest to chest. He wrapped his arms around him and then rolled over on to his side. Élan sniffed deep but didn't pull away.

"That's unfair." Élan mumbled behind a yawn.

‘Yeah it might be unfair but it works,’ Les thought tightening his arms around his husband.

Les awoke about half-past ten. He got up making sure he didn't wake Élan. Shaking his head he knew today was going to be fun. Élan’s already curly hair was in ringlets, so that told Les he was in for rough day.

About half hour later Élan came down mumbling something Les could not make out. He sat a cup of coffee down in front of his husband.

"Where's the creamer?" Élan demanded.

"We don't have creamer, we don't use it," Les told him thinking‘ok someone is asking for it.’

"What about our guests they may want it?" Élan snapped. Les put the lid on the pot and turned to his husband,

“You and I don't use creamer, my family doesn’t use creamer, and if we have a guest who likes creamer they can use milk," Les explained.

"It's not the same." Élan snarled.

Les closed his eyes, took a deep breath. "Cricket," Les hoped by using his pet name Élan would settled down some as that normally it worked, "please drop the attitude because you won't like how I adjust it."

"Whatever," Élan said and got up. The next thing Élan knew he was looking at the tile on the kitchen floor. He felt his robe pushed up to the middle of his back. "What do you think you are doing?" he yelled.

"Doing an adjustment on an attitude," Les answered and brought his hand down.

Most of the Kuykendall clan arrived at twelve thirty. When Les’s parents arrived things got started. Folding tables was labeled with what went were. Such as desserts, Salads, side dishes and of course the main dish. Les’s mom looked at her son to see if the turkey was ready. Since the family was good size, they did it like a buffet. His sister thought it was neat idea

"If the turkey is dry blame Élan he wouldn't leave it alone last night" Les told everyone. Élan just groaned.

"Élan, are you alright? You look like you are in pain." Rachel asked.

"Yes ma'am, I think I may have bruised my tail bone when I slipped on the steps outside, that’s all," Élan told her glaring at his husband.

"Well make sure you get it looked at," She said giving him a kiss to his cheek. Les’s brothers and his nephews just turned and looked at Les; the guys knew what the freshly whipped ass walk was, and Élan probably wished he had a broken tailbone, less painful.

Ralph looked at his son who only shrugged his shoulder. When they all had their plates and were seated, Élan sat down beside Les. They began to eat. They talked about this and that. Les’s dad and his brother wanted to know if certain things was being worked on. Les nodded his head. Élan had to think of that for a moment then remember that they were talking about the doll furniture being made for the young girls. Each time someone wanted something, Élan tried to be good host, but he started to hurt more as he’d get up and down

"I'll get it," Les put his hand on his husband arm to stop him.

"The turkey was fine Les. Élan you didn't hurt it at all," Rachael told him.

About five after everyone left Les and Élan were alone. Élan sat on the sofa eating the rest of the cherry cheese pie that Les’s mom made for the dinner. Les came in and sat down beside him. Élan moved away just little but Les slid closer to his husband. Élan was now pinned between Les and the sofa arm.

"Bruised tail bone," Les asked grabbing the fork from his husband.

"What did you want me to tell her? Your son busted my ass because I was in a foul mood," Élan snapped. Les raised and eye brown at him.

"Sound like you're still in the foul mood," Les told him in a watch it or else stern voice.

"No just tired," Élan told him laying as close as possible to his husband. Les placed his arm over his husband shoulder pulled him closer. Les had to tap his husband on the shoulder so he would remember to share the dessert. "You should have brought your own fork." Élan told him as both men sat watching something on TV neither one paying much attention to it though.

"They knew huh?" Élan asked,

"Yeah, we all pretty much know that I got my ass beat walk," Les answered.

"Man they must think…" Élan started but stopped when Les tilted his face up to met his.

"No one thinks nothing of anything, us Kuykendall men knows how to handle out of control attitudes," Les explained.

"Yeah you sure do," Élan agreed then shifted his weight off his backside.

About nine that night Élan snuggled close to his husband his head up on Les shoulder, his hand gently moved across his husband chest. Les’s arm was down Élan back holding onto him while gently patting the still sore backside.

"What did your dad whisper to you before he left?' Élan asked.

"He wants my table saw," Les told him.

"We'll let him have it and I'll get you a new one," Élan said.

"Nope will never happen," Les refused.

"Why," Élan asked.

"Because it was the first gift you gave me," Les answered dropping his book on the floor and gathered his husband in his arms. "It can stop working and it will stay here unit it rusts."

"So we can get him one for Christmas," Élan moved himself up a little more.

"We can't," Les told him.

"Why not?" Élan didn't understand

"We draw families. We have a 100 dollar limit, so if we pick mom and dad, it's 100 dollars. Even if we draw Bob and his family it is still a hundred dollar limit. That is why us guys build a lot of the toys, they don't count," Les explained.

"Oh ok, so we get him one for his birthday, or is there a limit on that also?”

"No, cause he was born around father's day so we do both at the same time," Les answered. "But if we get dad one of those it will totally piss off Bob, Aaron, and Tom."

"So we tell them you got a new one and you gave the other one to your dad.Problem solved. Good night," Élan could feel his husband body shake with laughter.

"You’re a mess, and that's why I love you. Well, that and other things," Less said curling up behind his husband.'That I'm not getting at the moment.' he thought.

It was three days before Christmas. Élan wrapped the presents because he is just better at it. With the last package on the top shelf of the closet, Élan stood with his back to the other wall watching his husband’s ass move up and down as he moved the small boxes around to make room. Élan felt something stir in him that he hadn't felt a few weeks. As Les backed up he bumped against Élan. He turned around to tell his husband he was sorry, but instead Les saw the look in his husbands' eyes. Élan gave his husband sly grin then gripped his husband sweatpants, as he went to his knees taking his husbands pants with him.

Just as Élan took Les into his mouth, Les’s cell phone rang. “It's your mom calling, hey, it's your mom calling," the phone rang out. Les let it go to voice mail but a few minutes later Élan’s cell rang. Not stopping what he was doing he dug it out of his pants and handed it up to Les. Since Élan phone is connected to the office it is answered no matter what they are doing.

"Hello, Élan Beckman's phone…Oh hey mom." Les let out gasp when he felt Élan take him down to the base. Les bit his lip to keep from moaning. Les let out a gasp again. He was only hearing half of what his mom was asking. "I don't know I'll have to ask." Les pushed the mute button on his phone and grasp his husband by the hair and pulled him off his cock. Élan teeth gently scrapped the hard cock as Les pulled him back. That only caused Les body to shutter and shiver. Once he got his breath back Les asked, "Do we have a mixer?"

"No," Élan answered. Les pushed Élan face back down onto his cock and his husband picked up where he left off. Les’s hand stayed on the back of his husband head. Les bucked his hips with the tempo Élan kept. Les bit back a moan when his husband hands went to his ass and started to kneed his cheeks.

"No, Mom we don't sorry," Les told him and hung up the phone. Putting the phone on the table beside him, Les gasp again when he felt his balls draw up. He let out a grunt and felt Élan swallow hard and fast. Les fell back against the wall. Les looked down at his husband, normally hallway sex was something he didn't do. Les was breathless. Élan stood then he stood on his tip toes and took Les mouth to his, the kiss deep, hard, and very penetrating. Les put his hand behind Élan’s head and held him there. He could taste himself on his husband’s tongue. Oh, how he missed this so much. Élan pulled back a little. Les didn't want to let go but he did.

"So do you want me to take you here in the hall or in a room?" Élan asked, giving his husband the “well” look. Les kicked off his shoes then stood on his sweats cuffs and pulled them off his feet. Then pointed to the small room at the hall. The room was small but it was big enough for now. Les dropped the old twin size mattress on the floor then taking his husband by the hand they both went down. After about fifteen minutes of foreplay, Élan looked back at his husband. He then moved around so he laid between his husband’s legs, his cock bumping at the entrance. "Fuck me," Élan said aloud and dropped his head on Les's chest

"Me first, please," Les asked. Élan looked down at his husband and smiled, neither man wanted to stop.

Élan let out chuckle."Of course, but no lube," he told Les. He heard a low growl come from his husband. Élan looked around seeing a box he had packed a bunch of odd and ends in it. "Can you reach that?" Élan asked jerking his head toward a box. Les reached over, grabbed the box, and pulled it to them.

Élan rummaged around in it retrieved a trial size bottle of baby oil. "Pour some in my hand," Élan ordered. Les did as Élan reached between then and slick up his cock with the oil and then slip two fingers into his husband. Élan was not all that endowed with a normal seven inches, unlike Les who was hung like bull, but still didn’t want to hurt his husband either. Les gasp as it had been a while since Élan took him.

Élan aligned his cock with his husband and pushed in gently. Les winked at his husband, letting him know he was ok. Élan slid in all the way and locked eyes with his husband. Les was in no hurry to get finished. He love the feel of his husband in him as much as Élan when Les did him. Nothing was said, both men worked together, Les drew his legs up a little, saw stars when Élan hit his sweet spot, several times. Les went to jerk himself but Élan stopped him. Les looked at him and smiled when his husband shook his head no.

Élan chirped and his leg moved. Les knew it was time. Élan felt his husband tighten around his cock. He started to move faster, with a grunt, and a gasp, Élan came hard, seconds after his husband did. Élan collapse on his husband both men were breathing hard, unlike Élan Les was still hard as a bat; As Élan wentto roll onto his side Les trapped him in-between his legs and rolled with him.

"Let me catch my breath, and I’ll straddle you." Élans told him taking his shirt and cleaning his dick off. Les found the oil and slicked up his cock then reached between his husband’s legs and found what he was looking for. Élan moved his one leg so he could open more. Les found his husband mouth and they kiss, tongues and fingers kept tempo. Élan rolled on his back pulling Les with him. Les spread his husband's cheeks and pushed in. Élan gasped and squirmed a little. Les knew what his husband wanted, and Les was going to give it to him. Les waited until he got a look that his husband was ready then he started to move slowly. When Élan pushed down on him, Les went faster pulling almost all the way out and then slammed into his husband. Just as the leg started to move Les would even out until he heard his cricket then he slowed down a little. When the leg stopped moving he’dspeed up some. Faster a little at a time when the leg moved, chirp and the tightness around his cock come all at one time. Les knew it was time to finish what he was doing. He put his hand beside his husband’s and moved his legs out just a little then started going to work. He hammered down on to his lover, husband, soul mate, until the blue eyes snapped open and Élan gasp. Les felt hot fluid between them. He slowed down some so not to put his husband into a sex shock. When Élan took a deep breath Les helped his husband to shift onto his side. Élan laid with his back pressed again his husband’s chest his ass muscles still spasm around the cock buried deep in him. Les wrapped his arms around his man and pulled him closer to him. Élan was still high on his sex ride.

"I don’t think we did it like this since the first time we fucked and that was in your truck," Élan said.

"Yeah but it was worth the wait," Les told him. Les slowly moved his hips back and forth. Élan pushed back. Neither man wanted to get up but they knew they had to get things finished and lying in bed was not going to get it done.

"Thank you," Élan said as he turned his head just a little so he could see his husband.

"For what?" Les asked.

"For being patient with me and not pushing the issue," Élan answered.

Élan help Les load the presents up in the truck and then locked up the house. Most the neighbors were gone for the holiday, so he made sure the alarm was set on both the house and the workshop.

Élan wondered where everyone was sleeping since Les’s parent’s house was a normal three bedroom house and since the whole clan lives in town he didn't see the point in sleeping there.

"Where is everyone going to sleep?" Élan asked. "We don't have children so why go over tonight?"

"Mom wanted us there tonight for some reason, she wouldn’t say," Les explained.

Once the guys got to the house and the truck was unpacked Les’s mom called him into the kitchen. She handed him an envelope with the Nevada state seal on it. Les raised an eyebrow at her and opened it.

"Oh shit," Les said as his eyes scanned the letter in his hands.

"What wrong Les?" Élan asked as he came into the room, seeing his husband a pale sick color he took the paper out of his hand and scanned over it.

"What the hell do they mean we are not married?" Élan yelled.

It has come to our attention that Reverend Smith is not ordained to practice religion in our county, so the marriage between Mr. Lester Kuykendall and Mr. Élan Buckman is invalid. Sorry for thisinconvenience, however if you decide to remarry we have manyvalid individuals that will be able to help you. The money you paid for your license will be refunded to you in thirty (30) days if you paid by credit card. If you paid cash please bring in the recite so we can refund you money.


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