Friday, February 16, 2018

Meaning of a Forehead Kiss by Carrol

Another picture sparked Carrol to write her Matt and Cody in this cute snippet!

Meaning of a Forehead Kiss.

“Why do you always Kiss my forehead before you leave the house?” Kyle asked me one day before we headed to work.

“Cause it says a lot," I told him.

“Really?” He said.

“Yes," I stopped and kissed his forehead again.

“What does it say? In case I am not reading it right,” He asked with a smile.

“It means," I said with another kiss. “A forehead (Kiss) means protection. (Kiss) It’s Respect. It says “You’re mine, (Kiss) and don’t ever leave my side”. It says (Kiss) “I care about you and I don’t want you to get hurt” “(Kiss). It says “I’ll come between you and whatever tried to hurt you”. It says (Kiss) “I love you and you’re my baby”. I told him.

He let out a heavy sigh and laid his head on my chest,

“Nope. I read it right.” He said with a smile he then reached up and kissed my forehead.

“Does it mean the same for a brat as it does a top?” He asked looking at me.

“Yeah it does but so much more," I told him.

“How?” He asked.

“It shows that you trust me to do all those things." We kissed again. “Come on or we"ll both be late for work,” I said and pushed him toward the door with a sharp swat to his slacks.


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