Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Follow Through by Carrol

A fun picture sparked this story by Carrol!

Title: The Follow Through
Characters: Brett and Kyle

A shirtless Brett was standing in the tack shed waiting for his young love to show up. As the door open his breath caught to see Kyle too was shirtless. He got a smile for the man he loved as he placed his saddle on the saddle horse.

Seeing his chance Brett grabbed Kyle by the waistband of his jeans and pulled him back to him. He slipped his right leg under the younger man and bent it causing the smaller man to get off balance. Kyle tipped over and reached for something to balance himself with. Brett felt Kyle's hands tighten around his ankle.

“What the hell?” Kyle asked as he looked back never losing his hat, “Wait wait, what are you doing?” He yelped when he saw the leather belt raised high above his lover's head.

“What I said I was going to do if you did such a foolish stunt again,” Brett said and brought the strap down across the jean cover ass.

Once the punishment was over and his brat was calm he stood him on his feet. Then Brett pushed him against the wall of the tack room, claiming Kyles mouth to his. The kiss was hard, claiming but yet calming. Brett tried not to grow hard but was unsuccessful as his pants grew tight. As the kiss went on, he slowly moved to find his lover just as hard as he was.

"Don't do it again," Brett said as he pulled back.

"Yes, sir," Kyle said breathlessly.


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