Thursday, February 1, 2018

Not All But Some by Carrol

A picture posted on the Den sparked this little snippet from Carrol. It is just so sexy!  Enjoy!

Title: Not All But Some

Élan walked into the bathroom and stop dead in his tracks. Les was shaving, standing there with no shirt on, his chest hairs just damp enough to stick to his body, but yet dry enough to give that sexy look Élan loved so much. His jeans were open, zipper down, and bare, he could just barely see Les's stuff. His belt undone, the buckle hung down as the other end was wrapped around his hip like was it holding on.

“Cricket?” Les asked.

“Mmm,” Élan hummed.

“You like what you see,” Les asked.

“Oh yeah,” Élan answered, a little breathless. Les cleaned his face and turned around. He pulled Élan to him and hugged him.

“I can tell,” Les told him and let one hand drop to cup his husband's hard on.

“Well, you know not all dominate men wear a suit,” Élan told him nuzzling his neck.

“And yet some brats do,” Les told him, slowly going to the floor. Élan hand grabbed the wall to keep from falling and the lights went off.


You can read more at Elan and Les.


  1. Where is the the link here somewhere?

    1. Hi Karen,
      Dizzy's Discipline Den is a small group of writers who encourage each other by posting pictures and challenges to write about. Some of the writers have blogs. Dizzy's blog: . Zillah's Reading Corner: . JL's Junction: TLR: