Monday, January 15, 2018

Snippet: Morning Coffee by Carrol

A picture posted on the Den sparked a couple snippets and drabbles.  This is Carrol's response to the picture.

Title: Morning Coffee

I have no idea why I love a blade-head, but there he stood, in a pair of sky-blue briefs and a dark t-shirt. He was waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.

I lick my upper lip when his leg muscles tightened as he shifted his bare feet on the cool tile floor. His tight rear end looked ready to be swatted but I didn’t dare. He is my Top and I respect him too much for that. He didn’t like having his butt swatted even in play.

But he never said I couldn’t pinch it. I came up behind him, finger ready for the pinch.

“Do you dare brat,” He said, then reached behind and grabbed my hand.

“Man you always catch me,” I whined at him.

“That’s why I’m the Top.


You can read more of Carrol's story on her page here.

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