Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Fic: The Pose by Carrol

A picture posted on The Den sparked Carrol to write this story from Les and Elan.

Title: The Pose
Characters: Les/Elan

Les heard Élan's laughter coming out of the hall office, sneaking down, he peeked in the door to see his brat looking at something. “What you got that so funny,” Les asked from the doorway.

“Oh this, the art class in the college I went to needed people to do life drawings, so my buddy asked me to model. This is the one she did of me. She got a great grade for it," Les looked at it and smiled. There sat his brat, probably about late teens to really early twenties sitting in a business chair, clad in a pair of black sock, and garter belts around his calves, holding a pair of glass, with a bratty grin across his face,

I didn’t’ know you wore glasses,” Les asked looking at it admiring how well the person did on the drawing

“I don’t. We had to pick a prop since I was not twenty-one yet, I couldn’t hold the wine glass, nor did I smoke so the cigs and cigar were out, so the only thing left was the glasses."

“Why are you dress like that?” Les asked.

“Well, the instructor asked the model of the day a different question. Mine was ‘after a long day of testing and you are home what would you do?' So I stripped down to my shorts and socks, shoes pick the black frame glass and sat down, took that position like I was thinking.” Élan told him. Les only smiled and laugh, “Why you are smiling like that?" Élan asked.

“Because you still do that,” Les told him.

“I do not,” Élan said in a shocked voice, then he thought, “I do huh,” He asked meekly, Les only nodded his head, yes.

“But that’s ok I like that look,” Les told him kissing his Brats forehead, "but I like a better look on you,” Les told him and then whisper 'naked' in Crickets ear and he slowly started to unbutton Élan shirt.


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