Monday, May 8, 2017

Flashback Thursday with Les and Elan

Flashback Thursday. 

Characters: Les/Elan

Les open the doors to his truck an started pulling stuff out of it, it was time to do his deep clean. He removed all the tools and stuff from back seat and then he started to undo the bolts that held it, into place once those were out, he pulled the back seat out and put it up on a seat of saw horses, this was usually a two man job, however Élan was in his special room fighting a migraine.

Les then did the same to the front seat, placing that on another pair of saw horses Less went over to start his power washer, since he placed the two seat close together all he had to do was move the nozzle back and forth on them until the soapy water ran he then ran the tip of the nozzle between the back of the seat on the bench part of the seat, he moved slow to get all the food and crap out between them. He then moved around to the back of the seats, he sprayed the backs of the seat moving the nozzle up and down then back and forth, when he step to his left he felt something under his feet looking down he saw a wet mound of blue, not sure what it was he picked it up and tossed it toward the power washer, when the back of the seat soap ran clean he, walked over and flip the switch to clean water and then rinsed the seat, he then walked over to the power washer and flip the switch from wash to rinse, his eye looked at the wet blob of blue on the concert floor, he pick it up and open the thing a smile crept across his face. It was underwear that Élan wore the night the first time he started calling him cricket,

Les went over and sat on a one of the lawn chairs ringing out the underwear he laid them out on the table beside him , he picked up his beer and took a drink, he closed his eyes and thought of the night over a year ago, they had been dating only a months. Each week was different for each man, one week Élan would pick where they eat and pay for it, and the next week Less would pay for it, usually Élan would outdo Less on the restaurant but Less didn't mind much.

Les pulled up to Élan house got out of the truck he opens the door for Élan and help the smaller man into high truck it was not a raised one just had big tires which made it a little higher the normal. When Élan got in he could smell fried chicken, looking behind him he saw a ice chest, and an old picnic basket, the sheet was folded and laying on the back seat.

"It going to rain and you're wanting to picnic?" Élan asked.

"Who says we're eating outside." Les reached back of the seat moved it forward a little and then laid it back with the front seat laid back into the back seat there was plenty of room to eat and the storm through the front windshield.

Les picked up the basket and moved it behind him, he then reached over and put his finger under Élan chin and lifted to his face.

"May I kiss you" Les asked. Les smile when he saw Élan blush.

"Yes," Élan told him with a blush, Les always asked before he kissed, but tonight was something different the kiss was deep and bone penetrating, Élan laid back and pulled Les with him. Les hands went under Élan shirt and found is nipples, Élan slipped his hands under Les's shirt, soon shirts were removed gasp when Les mouth found the small nub, Élan fingers got caught in Les short hair holding holding him close to his chest, Les kissed across the chest and found the other small nub, he ran his tongue across it before sucking it into his mouth Ohmmmm Élan gasp,

"Élan may I" Les asked moving his one hand down to Élan's pants, Élan only nodded the cab light gave off a just enough light for the two men to see what they were doing. Les removed Élan pants, before Élan knew what was going on Les took the smaller mans hard cock into his mouth Élan buck and groan while Les suck him to a climax. Élan laid there almost lifeless, Les licked his way up the body, he then kissed the small neck and rubbed himself against the slack cock.

"Élan I want to make love to you, but I need to know are you allergic to latex or any lube and is it ok to do so." Les asked. Élan still coming down from his high shook his head no, and then yes. Les smiled and moved to get a small bag he had stuff in the compartment in the back door. Les went to rip open a condom with his teeth when he felt a hand on his arm.

"I'm clean so please I want to feel you in me, " Élan told him. Les looked down at the smaller man,

"You sure," Les asked. Élan nodded Les twisted the tab off the tube and applied some to his fingers gently working one into the small opening Élan gasp when the second one sipped in. Élan did his best to open his legs up so Les could use his fingers to stretch him . Les finger hit the small nub inside Élan and he saw stars he had already gotten hard again once Les started to work on him, however when Les touch that sensitive nub Élan gasp, "You ready," Les asked. He removed his fingers when he got a nod and aliened his cock against the small opening Les pushed in a little watching signs from Élan to either tell him to stop or go Élan had other idea wrapping his legs around Les Élan pushed himself down onto Les hard member both men gasp out loud to the sensation they got, It was like getting zapped by electricity a sharp but a tingling sensations. Les didn't move.

"I'm ok now, you can move now," Élan gasp a little, Les started to move slowly in and out in short movements until he felt the tight muscle around him relaxed soon he started to move a little more faster each trust he slid out farther and faster soon both men felt the truck they were in started to rock with their movement. Les felt Élan left leg go relax then it started to move against him, a small chirp came from the smaller man under him Les used his elbows to keep his weight off the man under him, the faster they went the faster Élan leg went the chirping got a little faster Élan eyes open and he let out a cry out "Lesssss" Les felt Élan tight around him which only made him cum hard and fast. Les dropped his head down to the seat beside Élan head, and cried out he felt the wet stickiness between them,

"Oh Cricket," He panted, The window were fogs the rain came down on the roof, the lighting flashed and the thunder rolled across the sky. Both men stayed still catching their breath, Les felt himself go a little soft as he rolled over he slid out, of his lover, laying beside the other man, he started. giving the smaller man kiss's on his bare shoulder.

"Are you a top only." Élan manage to asked.

"No I enjoy both ways," Les told him. "But tonight I want it to be only about you, My little Cricket." Les told him placing his hand on Élan face and pulling him toward him, their lips met. Les smiled when élan straddled his body.

Les was brought back out of his memories when the power washer turned off, he looked toward the half washed truck and then to the house. He got up and turned the switch off to the machine and walked toward the house. He made his way upstairs and open the small room Élan was in. Élan looked toward the door.

"Hey," Élan said in a small voice.

"How's your head." Les asked with care in his voice.

"Better, I was about to come help you." Élan told him.

"That's good." Les said and shut the door behind him as he entered, He walked over to the small bed and laid down beside his husband. Les hand found the small nubs and gently rubbed them.

"Ohmmmm," Élan said when Les tongue moved across the hard nub.

The End

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