Friday, July 21, 2017

Challenge Response FIC: Fishing with Cricket (Never Again)

Tarabeth issued a Fishing Challenge on The Tea Room.   This is Carrol's response!

Title: Fishing with Cricket (Never Again)
Characters: Les/Elan

“Hey, you guys want to go fishing with us?” Bob asked out of the blue,

“Yeah,” Élan said

“No,” Les told him.

“Why not? You love fishing,” Bob told him.  It wasn't like Les to not want to go fishing.

Élan looked down at his feet, a blush leaped his to his cheeks,

“Should I tell them?” Les asked.

Élan shrugged his shoulders.

“It was the first summer we were together as a couple not yet married,” Les started.


Les just looked at his lover and then shook his head. He waded out into the lake to retrieve the pole yet again.  Picking it up out of the shallow end part of the water he walked back to the shore line.

“Ok Cricket one more time,” Les said and fixed the pole to get cast again, “You grip it here, sling it back like this and let it fly but hold onto the end,” Les told him.

“You cast it for me,” Cricket told him.

“Part of the fun in fishing is seeing how far you can cast,” Les told him

“Ok but don’t yell at me if I toss the pole again,” Élan told him.

“I’ll try my best not to,” Les told him. 

Élan did what Les showed him and Les clapped his hands.

“I did it.” Élan said with a smile and little hope.

“Yes you did but let see if we can get it past the rocks next time, “ Les told him.

“Hey, you said cast it; you didn’t say how far.” Élan said pulling on the line, he felt a tug, “What the hell,” His pole bent a little and the line went tight.

“Jerk it,” Les told him.

Élan jerked it back.

“Now bring it in slowly,” Les told him going over to the edge of the rocks. “Faster” Les said going to the edge of the rocks he grabbed the line and pulled up a fish, a pretty big fish, matter of fact a very large fish, Les turn and looked over his shoulder at Élan  “First-time luck,” Les said and showed Élan the fish.

Élan jump up and down and clapped his hands with the pole under his arm.

“I got one! I got one,” Élan chanted.

“Yap you sure did,” Les told him and brought the fish up to the shore and grabbed his filleting knife.

“What are you doing?” Élan asked.

“I’m going to clean it so we can eat it,” Les told him.

“Let it go,” Élan told him.

“Why it’s a good size fish,” Les told him,

“Let it go please,” Élan begged him,

“Cricket it’s a two-foot long fat rainbow trout it will feed the both of us,” Les told him.

“Oh, baby please don’t,” Les asked when he saw his lover blue eyes well up with tears. Les turn around and put the fish back into the water, it stayed where it was for a few minutes, “I think it’s dead already” Les told him, he picked up the fish he hoped he was able to clean it now that it was dead.  He turned to see Élan standing with the small camping shovel, “No oh come on,” Les begged.

“Ash to ashes dust to dust, may your next life be better than your first” Élan said as Les dumped the last of the dirt over the fish.  “Thank you, sweetie,” Élan said with a smile,

“Anything for my Cricket” Les told him he looked down at the hole and shook his head.


Bob was rolling by the time the story was over with laughter, so hard he could not breathe his chest hurt, his lungs hurt and when he took a deep breath it sounded like a jack ass bray.

 “It’s not that funny,” Élan stomped his foot 

“Yes, it is,” Bob told him.


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