Sunday, November 5, 2017

"Can I Be That Person?" By Carrol

A new story by Carrol!  How Les and Elan came to live together.

Title: Can I Be That Person?
Characters: Les/Elan
Warning all mistake belong to me.

Les had left to take a shower upstairs. Élan cleaned up the coffee table from dinner Les can sure cook. Has he stood up when it felt like he got hit between the eyes with a baseball bat. Closing his eyes when the room moved he stumbled across the living room, he knew he should have called for Les. ,

“Oh god not now,” Élan prayed. Opening his eyes a little he tried to make it to the kitchen. He got as far as the wall that separated the kitchen and living room. As the pain hit again he let out a yell the china plates and crystal fell to the floor with a crash

His body slid down the wall. Curling up into a tight ball all he could do was hold his head in his hands so it would not explode. Closing his eyes he wrapped his arms around his head to stop the beating in his eardrums

Upstairs Les pulled off his pants. Going into the shower area he stopped when he heard the noise, he listens for a moment. “Cricket” He yelled down not hearing anything he went to the bedroom door and looked down the stairs. “Cricket,” He called aging. He turned his head when he heard something. “CRICKET,” Les yelled and bounded down the stairs he dropped to his knees by Élan head

“Are you hurt?” Les asked. Pulling Élan arms away he saw him shake his head no. He picks the smaller man up into his arms stepping over broken stuff he carried him upstairs, laying him on the bed. He then removed his lovers' cloths making sure the smaller man didn’t’ get cut with the broken glass. Not seeing anything he headed into the bathroom to a cool washcloth.

“I need my meds,” Élan whispered,

“Where ” Les asked. Élan didn’t say anything he pointed to the nightstand Les open it and saw a black zip pouch. “This,” He asked holding it up, Élan mouth yes, Les unzipped it and looked at what was in it, “How the hell do I do this,” He asked. He grabbed his phone and called his mom all Élan could here was.

“Mom how I fill a syringe, the box says, 2.5 ML.” Through half-open eyes. Élan watch Les pulled the medication into the syringe. “Ok got it, now what. Élan watch what he was doing. Les then tapped the plastic part, to make sure all the bubbles were, out. Élan rolled over to his side. He felt Les finger at his waistband. “Baby if I hurt you I am so sorry,” Les told him Élan nodded his head, Les then pinched the skin and pulled it up,

“Owe” Élan whimpered when the needle went in he felt the burn of the medication. He felt the needle come out then he felt Les rubbed the spot; he smiled when he felt warm lips touch the spot that got hurt.

“Ok, mom I got it in.” Les told her.” Thanks” he said. Élan felt tucked in.

"I'll be right back," Les told him kissing him. Les went down and cleaned up the miss in the hall. Élan did know Les was back in the room until he heard the shower go on, after several minutes he heard it got off. Soon he felt the bed dip and strong arms wrapped around him pulling him into a warm strong body.

“M’sorry” Élan mumbled.

“Why,” Les asked. Élan moved his hand down to Les cock; Les took the same hand and pulled up to his mouth. We have the rest of our lives for that, rest, sleep and tomorrow we’ll take.” Les told him kissing the finger again and then he placed a kiss on Élan forehead.

It was close to ten the next morning when Élan climbed out of bed. His head still a little groggy from the medication, but it didn’t’ hurt anymore. Stumbling his way to the bathroom ran into the wall and stubs his toe, “Damn it." He yelled as he hopped the rest of the way to the toilet,

“You alright,” Les asked from the doorway,

“Yeah stub my toe,” Élan told him,

“Oh poor baby, want me to kiss it for you,” Les asked with his arms crossed, smiling. Élan laugh and held up his foot, “after you get done,” Les told him and headed back down to the kitchen. He could hear Crickets soft laugh as he walked down the stairs,

When Élan went into the kitchen Les had breakfast made for him. Les pointed to the chair Élan sat and Les placed his plate down in front of him. Les then put a glass of OJ down, Élan dug in like he was starving another side effect of the medication. Les watch for a moment then got up and fixed him another cup of coffee,

“You said you wanted to talk last night what about,” Élan asked around the pancakes he shoved his mouth,

“Don’t talk with your mouth full you’ll choke and after you eat.” Les told him sitting down next to him sipping his coffee, “you going to eat,” Élan asked

“I ate when I got up, I made those fresh for you,” Les told him then moved kissed his cheek.

“Thank you.” Élan told him eating the last of his food. “Damn man that was so good,” Élan sat back and patted his belly. He sipped his OJ, and watch Les clean up the dishes, “You can use the dishwasher you know,” Élan told him.

“I know but it only two of us so why waste the water and energy,” Les told him.

“That’s why I usually eat out,” Élan told him, Les smiled at him.

"Come on let’s talk,” Les said holding out his hand for Élan. Élan took it expecting Les was going to tell him that he was leaving him cause of what happened last night. Les lead the way, he sat and pulled Élan down onto his lap Élan didn’t expect that. Élan curled up into Les, “How helps you take care of those when they get that bad,” Les asked. Élan looked up at him.

“No one,” Élan told him,

“I want to be that person,” Les told him, Élan looked up at him. “I know we only met a few weeks ago but I want to be the one who takes care of you when you are sick or hurt. I want to be the one who wake up next to you each morning and lay down beside you at night. I understand that your job may take you away, from me time to time, but that’s alright as long as you come back to me. Can I be that person,” Les asked.

“Yes, “Élan yelled and hugged Les around the neck tight.

“Élan I have to breathe to be that man,” Les told him. Élan loosen the grip and sat back. Placing his hands on Les face he kissed him deeply. Les wrapped his arms around Élan and stood. Elan pulled back a little,

'You still need to kiss my toe," Elan told him, placing his forehead against Les.

"Oh I'll be kissing more than your toes," Les told him and kissed him again their lips never parted going up the stairs.


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