Friday, November 17, 2017

FIC: What Does BRAT Mean To You By Carrol

Title: What does BRAT mean to you?
Characters: Les/Elan
Author: Carrol

The two men laid breathless the bed both sweaty their body entangled within each other body, with the sheet glued to them. Élan head rests on Les bicep, while he gently moved his fingers in a figure eight pattern around Les chest making sure his thumb brushed against the hard nubs as they pass. Les chin rested on top of Élan head, his finger gently tangled in the long blond curls,

“Why do you call me a Brat I am not a Brat,” Élan asked with a small stop of his foot,

“Because you are,” Les told him

“I m not,” Élan said, “I’m not spoiled, nor am I irritating, and I am not from a military family.” Élan told him.

“No but you’re my BRAT,” Les told him turning to him

“How,” Élan demanded,

“You’re Beautiful inside and out,

You’re a Renegade because you do things your way no matter what your siblings or parents want you to do with the companies, and you don’t take no for an answer”

“Your Adventurous, you seek out new things to do, to help you companies grow and god knows you love to travel to new areas” Les told him moving his head so he could smell Élan hair with his other hand that was cupped on Élan bare butt moved he slipped his finger under Élan chin and lifted his face up to meet his.

“And you’re Tremendous in many ways, and that my dear sweet Brat spells BRAT,” Les said and kissed Élan on the mouth. Élan pulled back first his hand now playing with something else beneath the sheet and between them.

“Well if you want to put it that way then you too are a brat.”Élan told him wrapping his arms around Les cock rubbing it to hardness once again.

“How ” Les questioned with a gasp.

“B for Brilliant cause you always come up with idea that solves problems no matter what it is.

“R, for Reliable cause no matter what you are doing you will stop and help those who need you, no matter who they are.

T, for Talented your very talented, with your mind, hands, mouth and other body parts,” Élan told him pushing himself up against Les, Les once again found Élan mouth, after a long powerful kiss it was Les pulled back this time.

“So if I was a TOP what would you say? Élan had to stop for a moment,

T for Talent,

O for ongoing.

P for Powerful” Élan told him, “What If I was a top.” Élan asked.

“You’re too much of Brat to top someone,” Les told him then laughed with Élan bite one of his nubs. “Now” Les rolled Élan onto his back and lifted his legs up and placed his hard member against Élan rosebud “Les see how Talented Ongoing Powerful I can be for you now,” Les said

“I have a meeting with my brothers at ten,” Élan told him.

“They can wait,” Les told him and with one powerful trusted he entered Élan body. “On your knees,” Les ordered. With the help from Les Élan manage to get on his knees without dislodging Les from his body, he then reached over to the nightstand and grabbed his phone

“What are you doing?” Les asked between trusts,

“Texting my P.A. to telling her I won’t be in today,” Élan said told him between grunts. Just as he hit send Les bent over his body and bite Élan neck and then sucked, “Oh shit, you keep, that up, we won’t be, leaving this bed,” Élan said and gasp and came.

“Sound good to me,” Les told him.


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