Friday, December 2, 2016

Way Back Wednesday

The members of the Den have been having fun posting older stories on Wednesdays.  Older stories need love too!  Here are links to some of the stories that have been posted:

JL: 25 Days of Christmas

Rosemarie: The Christmas Present

Zillah: Too Close for Comfort


Mater and his Boi,
Christmas Challenge.
oh oh oh.
When I heard the banging on the door I wondered who the hell it was at this time of night, I open the door only to find the Mrs. Drummond the head of the home owner association standing on my steps, I also saw half the neighborhood standing on the sidewalk.

“I have no idea what you and your “friend” think you are doing but you cannot have that kind of things on your roof, we do have standard.” She told me. 

“Cody, do you have any idea what Mrs. Drummond talking about?” Cody looked at me and then I saw the blush creep up into his face.   I just looked at him and walked outside what I saw even made me blush “I’ll take care of it right away.” I told her going back into the house when I unplug the lights I heard and awwwww come from the crowd.  I shut the door and turn to find my boi sneaking off toward the bedroom.

“What the hell were you thinking” I asked him, he just shrugged his shoulders at me.
“You said I could decorate” He said giving me his innocent looks.

I grabbed him by the arm and pinned him to my side, and gave him a swat.

“I said you could put lights on the roof, not have Santa pissing off the roof, drinking a bottle of Gin, nor did I say Mrs. Clause could be in a g-string doing a pole dance, off the old antenna on the roof.


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