Friday, January 13, 2017

Story by Carrol: Blood Brothers

Title: Blood Brothers
Characters: Freddie
Series: Freddie and Owen
Warning: teenagers

Freddie sat on the ground Indian style Shawn his step brother sat in front of him left knee to right knee, the birds sang, dogs barked, they could hear the cars on the street; the soft breeze blew their hair as well as the sheets on the line to dry. Freddie held out a shine sharp skinning knife. Both boys sat bare chest, shirts laid on the ground beside them.

“You sure you want to do this” Freddie asked his wide brother. They never called each other step anything to them they were brothers, yes Freddie dad was not the same as Shawn’s but Clinton raised him as his own and that was special to Freddie, Clinton Smith always called Freddie his son and Freddie called him Dad, just as Shawn called Freddie mom his mom.

“Yeah I’m sure.” Shawn told him with a deep swallow. Freddie loved his brother in many ways; he has even taken the belt for him before so he would not see him cry.

With a nod of his head Freddie started a small chant, holding out his left arm, he held the knife to his skin, with his eyes locked on his brother he slice his skin the blood dripped to the ground. Still doing the chant Freddie took Shawn’s left arm and slide the knife with his blood still on it across the smooth white skin. Freddie closed his eyes as his stomach rolled, seeing his blood was one thing but seeing the blood of his brother was another, quickly he placed his wrist against Shawn’s then he wrapped the two together with a wide strip of long thin leather. Once the two wrist was bound Freddie continue the chant, there blood mix together making them blood brothers.

Fifteen minutes later.

Sharon came out get the cloths off the line when she saw her two boys sitting in the middle of the yard; she folded the clothes as she removed them. Watching the two boys who was sitting knee to knee, to her it looked like they were in some kind of tug of war game.

“Mom I think something wrong with Freddie.” Shawn told her.

“Why,” She asked.

“He’s white and there’s a lot of blood.” Shawn said calmly

“BLOOD” She yelled dropped what was in her hands and ran over to her sons. When she got there she could see, blood running down her sons arm and his jeans was stain with blood, she quickly undid the tie, wrapped Shawn’s arm in his shirt and ordered him to go get his dad, and call 911. Clinton came out in a run, dropped down beside his wife he was telling the dispatcher what he knew, His wife had Freddie arm wrapped in the once white tee-shirt, and soon they heard sirens.

On the way to the hospital Shawn explain this to the EMTs, once at the hospital Shawn arm was treated and he was sent to the waiting room to be with his dad. Freddie was still in the ER room.

**Two days later***

Freddie opens his eyes and looked into his moms red swollen ones. The worried face the unkempt hair made him wonder what was wrong.

“What’s wrong,” He asked throat was dry and horse, he reached up to touch his mom face she gather his hand into her smaller hands, and held it to her face. That is when he saw the IV in his arm “Where am I” he asked looking around all he could see was white.

“You’re in the hospital.” She told him kissing his hand.

“Why.” He asked.

“You almost bleed to death.” She told him. Freddie blinked at her. “Do you not remember what Hemophilic means” She asked

“It was just a small cut” He told her. She closed her eyes and kisses his sons hand.

“Yes, but any kind of cut is a major thing for you.” She told him.

Freddie let out a sigh and let his head rest on the pillow, he had forgotten about his illness, when Shawn had asked him about becoming blood brothers. Of course they had to do some research on the topic but once they found out what it meant and how it was done. They both decided that what they needed to do. So that afternoon, they did it, not realizing it could be more harm than good.

“How’s Shawn?” Freddie asked.

“Scared you were dead or dying” His mom told him.

It only took one phone call before Freddie’s dad stood by his bed, after talking to the doctor it was decided that Freddie would stay one more night to make sure he was strong enough to go home.

The next day about three Freddie walked into the house and into his Brothers arm, Shawn was telling him how sorry he was for such a dumb idea,

“IT was not dumb, just not thought through well enough.” Freddie told him.

“Both of you to your room” Clinton ordered

Freddie and Shawn both paled a little but headed to the room they have been sharing since Freddie moved into the home.

“Are we still blood brothers” Shawn asked as they walked the long hallway.

“Yes for life as well as red bottom brothers.” Freddie said as he saw their dad open the hall closet.



  1. Love this story. This is why Owen needed to know Freddie's history.

  2. Thanks Jo,, He understand that but he still feels he be judge as being not to bright