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FIC: Lies

Title: Lies.

Characters: Elan and Les

Élan sat at the old wooden desk in the small home office, he laid his head back on the chair he could feel the pounding coming, he felt the blood vain on the left side, “Not now,” he said, as he dug through the drew he found a bottle of Migraine pills he keeps hidden, grabbing his drink he down two of them just a light rap on the door, to him it sounded like thunder in a canyon.

“Yes,” Élan tried to keep his voice low so Les would not catch on.

“You got everything you need,” Les asked, standing just inside the door way.

“Yeah, this should only take an about an hour.” Élan told him No I want you to hold me make it go away,’ Élan thought as he looked at his husband.

“Dark in here you want me to open the curtain some?” Les asked as he came in the

“Shit he knows, Élan thought he only sits in a dark room, when he head hurts, “I’ll get,” Élan told him.

“No that ok, you’ve got the meeting to start” Les said and open the curtain just little, Élan tried not to squint when the sun came in, even thought it was just a light ray of sun shine, right now it felt like he was staring at the sun.

“I’m headed to the store; I should be home by the time its over.” Les told him, Élan nodded his head, Les bent his head down and kissed Élan bye. “If you are lying to me I tan your hide.” Les warned him.

Élan gave him weak smile.

Élan let out the breath he was holding when he heard the light click of the door shutting behind Les, he laid his head back and waited for the other person or people where ready to start Skype meeting.

“Mr. Buckmen,” The lady said Élan jump a mile with the sudden loudness, he open his eyes to see a woman sitting at her desk.

“Miss. Gunn” Élan said with a smile. Soon six more people came onto the screen, Élan greeting each one with a smile,

“I like to thank all of you for attending on such a short notice and on a weekend, but due unexpected matter, it was the only date I have open.” Miss, Gunn told all of them, some was not too happy but got over it, “I promise you this should not take too long,” She told them.

Half hour later Élan was almost in tears his head was pounding like a base drum with jet engines going off ever few seconds, He about ready to given in an tell his clients to do what they wanted just to get the damn meeting over with. Élan laid his head back and explain once again why they should not buy into this business.

“Well I see this meeting was a waste of time, since Mr. Buckmen is set in his ways” Miss Gunn told everyone.

“Well I see his point,” Mr. Greenwood said.

“Well I don’t” She snapped which made Élan winced in pain ne put his head in his hand to keep it from falling off.

“Élan are you alright.” Someone asked.

“No, I getting a hell of a migraine and I like for a certain person to realize I’m not tossing money into a black hole like this project,” Élan finally snap. “I call this meeting over,” Élan said and closed the program shut off the computer then went over and curled up into the old leather chair of his grand moms and covered his body with the old quilt that was there.

Les come home to a quite house; he put the stuff on the counter and walked down the hall to the office the closer he got to the door the louder the sobbing got. He shook his head and walked in to see his husband curled up crying, Les scoped him up and kiss his forehead.

“Oh Cricket, “Les whispered and pick him up, he carried his husband up the stairs and into the small room, where he always goes when he gets one this bad. Les gently stripped his husband down to his underpants, help him in his sleep t-shirt that he stole from Less the first night Les stayed at the house, then went to go find what was needed.

Élan felt the coolness of the swab and then the gently prick of the injection he winced a little when the medication burn a little as it went in. He felt the calloused hand gently rubbed the injection site. He then felt the bed, dip when Les lay down beside him,

“Cricket I’m going tans your ass red for this.” Les told him his husband, and then kiss the side of his head.

“I’m sorry I thought it would go away.” Élan told him as he rolled over and buried his face into Les shirt. He grabbed a hold of Les like a safety line, “Don’t go please.” Élan begged him.

“Not until I know you’re asleep.” Les told him gently stroking Élan back.

After Élan was fast asleep, Les slipped out of his husband clutches, and went to make his lunch he knew his Cricket would not be eat, since the medication makes his stomach upset. Les headed out to do some light work in the shop, he flipped on the speaker by the door, and the other part was always on in the dark room.

Les climbed out of the shower and peaked in on Élan who was still curled up in a ball asleep, he pulled on his pair of sleep pants and t-shirt slipped on a pair of flip flops and headed out, he head down to Buster and got a plate of wings to go, and some clam chowder for Élan. When he got home he locked up and headed back to his husband, he put the food on the side of the bed and sat down beside his husband.

“Cricket, you need to eat,” Les told him and then help him seat up, he with his back against the wall and his husband between his legs, he then picked up the bowl and put the spoon to Élan mouth. “Sip” Les ordered Élan turn his head at first but Les put his chin on the top of Élan head to stop him. “Eat,” Les barked at him. Élan sip the soup. Les was please that his Cricket was able to eat most of it. He put the bowl down and wrapped his arms around the smaller man, and held him tight in his arms; Élan bent his head up and kiss Les on the chin. Les held up one of the wings to Élan, at first he turned his head, away but Les touched his lip to the sweat and sour wing, Élan took a small bite “ smiled when the put the bone in the to go tray and picked up another one, soon the soup was gone and so was the wings.

“Thank you,” Élan said.

“For what,” Les asked kissing his husband on the cheek.

“For taking care of me and not kill me.” Élan told him.

‘Of course I’ll take care of you just like you do me when I’m sick, as for killing you , later when your better.” Les said with a smile. Élan groan and turns his body a little Les moved his legs so it cradled around Élan backside.

Les picked up Élan and laid him in there bed, as soon as he was in bed Élan curled up around his small arm across his chest as soon as Les felt Élan head on his arm he slipped his arm down and around his husbands back he patted the bottom in his hand, he turned his head and kissed the top of the blond head in his arm. Les turned off the bed lamps and snuggled with his husband.

The next day around ten Les heard a noise he walked into the living room to see his husband tip toeing out.

“Where do you think you are going?” Les asked Élan jumped a mile when Les spoke. He turns to face his husband with smile.

“To the office,” Élan told him,

"On a sunday." Les asked and then shook his head he snapped his finger and pointed in front of him, Élan dropped his shoes

“Oh maaaan” Élan said as he shuffled over to his husband, Les tried his best not to smile , but his Cricket looked like a young teen that just got told he couldn’t borrow the car.

“You were trying to sneak out cause you know I’m going to spank you for lying to me.” Les told him.

“How did I lie,” Élan whinned he could hear it in his own voice, and he knew it sounded childish, but hell he had to try. Les just gave him ‘oh really’ look.

“Not only did you lie to me you looked right into my eyes and lied to my face.” Les told him

“You would have made me cancel the meeting, “Élan told him.

Les turned his husband toward the stairs and gave him a swat to the seat to get him to move,

“No I would of stayed home” Les said as they walked up the stairs, “Cricket I’ve told you before your health is important and a migraine is part of your health, if I had know,” Les stop and open the bedroom door they walked in and Les shut the door, they both walked over to the bed, Les sat down, and pulled Élan between his legs. “I would of gave you your medication, and stayed with you while you had your meeting, and stepped in when it got to bad for you to think.” Les told him he batted Élan hands away when he tried to stop Les from undoing his pants, Les gave the pants a quick tug and pulled them down to Crickets ankles. “Step out.” Les ordered Élan lifted his feet one by one and step out of the fallen pants, he then shove them under the bed with is foot. Les took Élan hand and pulled him over his lap, making sure his chest was on the bed and his mid drift was over the one leg, then he locked Élan legs with is other one. Les then slip down his husband briefs. “This is the second one you didn’t tell me about since we’ve been married; I DON’T (swat) want there to be a third. Understand.” Les asked resting his hand on his husband’s ass.

“Oww, yes, damn Les not so hard.” Élan cried out. Even thought the swat got harder as they punishment went Élan did his best not to cry he twisted and turn trying to get his bottom way from the hard hand. Les lifted his leg a little and brought his hand down hard on the sit spot. “OWWW,” Élan cried out and started to cry, Les felt the smaller body give in and stop fighting he reached under his pillow and pulled out a leather slipper he bought it down hard,

“You do not lie to me.” Les punctuated each word with a swat.

“Oww, please stop Les, Oww,” Élan yelled after each swat. Les tossed the slipper behind him and scooped up his husband up and held him tight to him making sure his battered butt didn’t touch anything; Les laid back moved around so he was face down on his husband body. Les whispers reassurance words to his husband.

“I think I’m the only C.E.O slash millionaire that still gets spanked” Élan whispers,

“Cause you the only C.E.O slash Millionaire that is married to me.” Les told him Élan looked up at him and smile.

“I better be.” Élan told him he sifted his body and found his Husbands lip. Les rolled over to his side taking Élan with him, Élan moved his leg and drapped it over his husbands hips. He broke the kiss and snuggled close to his husband body.

“Sorry I lied to you.” Élan told him.

“Just don’t do it again” Les told him.

“What you smack me with anyway.” Élan asked trying to see what was behind his husband.

“A C.E.O swatter” Les said with a smile. Élan rolled his eyes.


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