Monday, May 8, 2017

FIC: Mastery at Writing

Title: Mastery at Writing.

Characters: Les and Elan

“What?” Élan yelled

“You heard me,” Les told him.

“You want me to write lines because I called my brother a moron” Élan asked.

“Yes a hundred of them neatly, so I can read them.” Les told him.

“My writing is awful.” Élan whined at him.

“Then take your time. As long as you get them done before we go to bed, you won’t get spank.” Les looked at the clock “you have five hours.”Les said and placed the pen and pad on the table in front of his husband. Les has been trying to get Élan to stop calling his siblings names. He also knew his brat of a husband didn’t like to write so he hoped to shout maybe having him write lines might help him to think before he does it again.

‘What happens if you can’t read them?” Élan asked.

“You rewrite the ones that I can’t. So I’d number them if I was you.” Les told him.

Élan sat at the table and looked at the note pad,

"My P.A. does this kind of things for me." Élan told his husband and stood up Les looked at his husband in disbelief.

"Do you know what my belt does?" Les asked.

"Whoa, no need to go all Toppy on me" Élan said and sat back down he looked at the note pad.

“Calling your sibling names is not only degrading them it degrades you.”

Les heard a small growl from his husband. He looked at the clock it was now just three, so he figured Élan might have half down by dinner. At fifteen to four Les came in Élan still sat at the table his head resting on his fist, the pen moved slowly across the paper. Les didn’t say anything he washed up and started to cook dinner.

“You want help.” Élan asked.

“Nope you have a punishment to do.” Les told him as he made two hamburgers with homemade fries. It took Les about a half hour make dinner. He fixed their plates setting one down in front of his husband he picked up the pad and moved it to the counter; he didn’t even look at them.

“Are you going to read them?” Élan asked.

“When they are finished.” Les told him. Élan let out a frustrating growl. “Sorry” he said when Les raised his eyebrows at him. Dinner was over by six. Élan tried his best to get to help with the dishes all it got him was a stinging swat to the backside. He rubbed the sting out of his backside and sat back down with the pen and pad.

“DADDY I"M FINISHED." Élan yelled out in a childish voice knowing Les was just on the other side of the kitchen wall. Les glanced at his watch it was just now a little before nine he pressed his lips together to keep from laughing.

“Bring them here, little boy.” Les told him it didn’t take long for him to heard the chair scrapping across the tile floor, which sounded like finger nails on a chalk board to Les. He pressed his lip together to keep from laughing when he heard his husband shuffling feet across the room. Élan handed him the pad, Les looked at each one and smile.

“Congrats you don’t have to rewrite any. “Les told him.

“You mean I have mastery in writing.” Élan asked with a smile.

“This time you do.” Les said and pulled Élan down to onto his lap. “What did you learn with this?” Les asked.

“Not to call my sibling names, in front of you.” Élan said with a sassy grin. Les looked up at the ceiling and shook his head in disbelief. “That I not suppose to call my sibling names because it’s not right and it hurtful.” Élan told him knowing fool well that the first one was the wrong answer.

“Good cause the next time, not only will you have double the lines you will do it on a very sore ass.” Les said patting his husband hip. Élan laid his head on his husband chest.

“My hand hurts, kiss it.” Élan said holding up his right hand.

“I rather kiss something else.” Les told him. Élan smiled and got up.

“You lock up,” Élan said running up the stairs.


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